Friday, July 01, 2005

Event #33 $3K NL and Event #32 $5K Omaha 8 or Better

Today was a half day for me. I was at the Rio until the sun came up while covering 3 final tables and four tournaments in total. I needed some rest. I attempted to sleep in, but I had a write a recap of Doyle's 10th bracelet for Fox Sports in addition to writing a freelance article. Even on my half days, I'm at home working... doing catch up work mostly. And I'm still far behind.

You can visit to read my recaps of previous events.

I did laundry this afternoon, two loads in fact. I have clean underwear and shirts. I also headed over to the Wild Wild West and gobbled down a 1/2 pound cheeseburger for $3.29. Insane, right? Best deal in town. Too bad the service is slow.

I'm usually never around the Redneck Riviera in the afternoon. I found out that a lot of folks stop by and knock on my door looking to score some drugs. I had three people ask me where the guy next door was. You know the guy I'm talking about... he beat up his girlfriend's kid then broke his girlfriend's jaw before he stole her car and skipped town. Supposedly, he was selling "the good shit" and I had one guy who was jonesin pretty bad. He just assumed that I was selling too. I had to let him down easy.

I spent the early evening downtown in the artsy part of town at a book signing for Nolan Dalla and Peter Alston's book about Stu Ungar called One of a Kind. They both signed a copy of the book for me and I got to meet Stu's widow Madeline. She also signed my book too.

The signing was held in an art gallery that featured gambling-themed art. Here are a few samples:

My only complaint... no free booze! No booze anywhere. The cake was good. But I like a stiff cocktail at these events.

On an unrelated note... happy Canada Day to my Canuck friends, bloggers (Sean, Brent, TP, John-Paul, Rod, Joanne, WW and a few of you who I missed), and readers. Today, I shall celebrate all things Canadian here in Las Vegas. If I can only find a damn Moose burger.

Moving on...

I'm sort of covering two tournaments today:
1. Event #32 $5K Omaha 8 or Better Day 2 = Blue font
2. Event #33 $3K NL
224 players began the Omaha event yesterday. They will play down until 9 players remain and the final table will start tomorrow. The NL event had 1010 players.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

9:45pm... $3K NL update: There are 15 tables left with some bust outs that include: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, David Williams, Captain Tom Franklin, Greg Raymer, Kathy Liebert, Johnny Chan, Minh Nguyen, and Tony Ma. Liz Lieu, Amir Vahedi, Greg Mueller, and Isabelle Mercier are nearby and are still alive.

10:30pm... $5K Omaha 8: 12 players are left. Here they are: Patrick Bueno, Hiroshi Shimamura, Ted Lawson, David Chiu, Daniel Horowitz, Haim Kakoun, Allen Cunningham, Russell Salzer, James Van Alstyne, Chad Brown, Stephen Ladowsky, and Daniel Shak. Marcel Luske made the money but came in 17th. Sam Grizzle bubbled out in 19th place.

11:50pm... $5K Omaha 8: We're down to 9! Which means I get to go home. Here is who shall return tomororw: Russ "The Muscle" Salzer, David Chiu, Haim Kakoun, Hiroshi Shimamura, Stephan Ladowsky, Daniel Shak, Patrick Bueno, Allen Cunningham, and Daniel Horowitz.

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