Saturday, September 25, 2004

Borgata Blues Preview

1. I started drinking with the Hangs at 11:15am, Atlantic City time.
2. Met fellow poker bloggers Helix, Cuban Links, and the infamous Poker Grub.
3. I dropped $325 in 6 hours playing NL.
4. Played at the same table with Al Cant Hang, Mrs. Hang, Grubby, and Cuban Links.
5. Grubby won a $250 pot from me and busted me. His Jacks cracked my pocket cowboys.
6. I lost my entire $300 buyin within the first hour.
7. Carter from Cuban links sucked out a runner runner flush to beat me out of a $100 pot.
8. Al Cant Hang made some kid cry after he won a $300+ pot when he bad beated the poor kid on the river when Al Cant Hang caught a near impossible two outer.
9. Al Cant Hang bluffed me out of a $220+ pot. I folded on the turn. I had the Hilton Sisters and all he had was... ace high, which he proudly showed me. Why didn't I call?
10. After the AlCantHang Bluff, I lost my temper and smacked the table loudly and had to walk away from the table to collect myself.

More to come.

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