Sunday, September 26, 2004

Boathouse Bash Preview

This is just some of the things I'll be addressing in a future post.

1. After picking up Boy Genius at the airport and Derek at the train station with Mrs. Can't Hang, we were drinking at the Boathouse by 3pm.
2. We played poker on the outside deck for 5+ hours.
2. I won $110 for a $40 buy in NL game. I was almost up $200 at one point.
4. I won all the money back that I lost from Lewey in June. I rivered Lewey on a really bad beat.
5. Lewey had to do 4 rebuys.
6. Big Mike had these cool "dirty" cards from Greece with all sorts of orgy scenes and guys with cranks the size of a 7-iron.
7. I bluffed Al Can't Hang out of a huge pot. He actually folded trip Kings!! I had nothing.
8. Boy Genius was shortstacked most of the early part but hung on surviving all of his all-ins.
9. Landow won a hand with AA! They weren't cracked.
10. Derek flopped a straight with 25o, went all in and doubled up against me when I flopped two pair.

Some non-poker things...
1. Carter arrived a little late and very tired after a day long sessions in AC!
2. I heard one of the bands play the infamous "Al Can't Hang" song.
3. One of the bands were called: The Al Cant Hang Experiment
4. One of our fellow poker bloggers... puked. I'll reveal his identity later!
5. Two words: SoCo Shots.
6. I went with Landow to drive an extremely inebriated Lewey home.
7. BG had me cracking up all night with his observations of the crowd.
8. There was a female singer in one of the bands (an 80s cover band). She had huge watemelons. BG described her as "chunky enough that she probably has self-esteem issues."
9. We chatted up the "watermelon" girl at the bar. She kinda blew us off.
10. Another random blogger passed out for a few minutes. I'll have photo evidence very soon.

More to come.

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