Thursday, September 09, 2004

Last Chance: Pauly's Pub Football Pool

Anyone interested in joining my football pool? If so you have less than 12 hours to join up! The season starts tonight.

Last year my team Shakedown Street tied with my brother's team Chico's Bail Bonds for the Championship in the fourth annual Pauly's Pub Football Pool. Who will win it this year?

The entry fee is $10... all of which goes to the total prize pool. FYI, I am not making one cent on this pool.

First place will win 50%, Second place will get 30%, and third place will get 20% of the total prize pool. So far we got a couple of poker bloggers in the mix with some of my friends.

And of course, this pool is with point spreads.

Visit this link: Football Pool to sign up for an entry. After you do that, email me, and I'll send you my group name and password. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

You must snail mail me the money no later than Sept 30th. I'll send you my mailing information after the season begins. Best of luck!!!

Uncle Jodd's Band

Last night, I sat through four long ass hours at my fantasy football league draft. The NYC area was hit hard with the last bits of Hurricane Frances and a shitload of rain was dumped on the city and surrounding areas. Half our league lives on Long Island and the draft was scheduled to be in NYC at 7pm. The LI guys never made it due to horrible flooding and had to draft players via online. That function was already set up for several teams (1/3 of our league) who live in Miami and the LI boys hopped abaord. And only the city guys made the draft... live in person. My partner, Senor, lives in Providence, RI, so I had to be at the draft since he couldn't make it. So the drafting process was slow, especially with 14 teams. I had the second pick. It was easy. Here's my team:
Uncle Jodd's Band
RB: Priest Holmes, Kevin Jones (r), Charlie Garner, Chris Perry (r)
QB: Marc Bulger & Jyle Boller
WR: Joe Horn, Eddie Kennison, Donald Driver, Travis Taylor
TE: LJ Smith, Anthony Becht
K: Adam Vinetari, Bill Cundiff
D: Carolina & Indy
I made a risky move picking up Kevin Jones on Detroit. I like what I've seen this preseason. I felt much better this morning when Boy Genius gave me a thumbs up on the starting RB on his homestate team. These 14 team leagues are insane!! $360 per team with $2200 to the winner... it's a crap shoot. But I like Priest Holmes, one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL! In true tradition, I drafted one NY Jet... Anthony Becht in the 15th round!! I had the chance to pick Pennington, but opted for Bulger instead. I would go nuts if I had to watch my fantasy QB every weekend!

Why is my team called Uncle Jodd's Band? When I was seeing The Dead at Great Woods with Senor this past summer, we decided that we'd use a Grateful Dead theme in picking our team name. Have you noticed that my football pool team name is also named after a Grateful Dead song? There's a Dead song called Uncle John's Band and we tweaked it a bit and included Senor's son's name... Jodd. We just replaced the first names... and that's how we got: Uncle Jodd's Band. We're hoping the fat man can help us out with this year's team!

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