Sunday, September 05, 2004

Fantasy Pauly

Anyone interested in joining my football pool? It's back. Wasting all my Sundays with the NFL... Last year my team Shakedown Street tied with my brother's team Chico's Bail Bonds for the Championship in the third annual Pauly's Pub Football Pool. Who will win it this year?

There are some new twists. There is a entry fee this year. $10... all of which goes to the total prize pool. FYI, I am not making one cent on this pool.

First place will win 50%, Second place will get 30%, and third place will get 20% of the total prize pool. So far we got a couple of poker bloggers in the mix with some of my friends.

And of course, this pool is with point spreads.

Visit this link: Football Pool to sign up for an entry. After you do that, email me, and I'll send you my group name and password. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

The season starts this Thursday! Please set up your team before noon on Thursday.

You must snail mail me the money no later than Sept 30th. I'll send you my mailing information after the season begins. Best of luck!!!

Alas, college football kicked off this weekend. So how did everyone do in my college pool??

Week 1 Update Pauly's Pub College Football Pool
Overall Results:
1 Austin Drunks (Matt S.) 49
2 The Venetian Blinds (Poker Nerd) 48
3 AlCantHang (Mr. Hang) 47
4 Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek) 46
4 Buckeye! (Signor Ferrari) 46
6 Landow (Landow )43
7 Killer Gophers (Halverson) 38
8 WhatyaTalkin AboutWillis? (Dr. Pauly) 37
8 Muff State Pie Boys (Spider) 37
8 Team Senor (Senor) 37
11 Porkchops & Apple Sauce (J. Moore) 36
11 Ugarte's Last Stand (Ugarte) 36
13 Cumberland Blues (K. Hungus) N/A
Congrats to Austin Drunks. They are the Team of the Week!

The Skinny: One of the upsets of the week was Michigan State losing to Rutgers. And I dunno about you guys, but I had 10 points on LSU... who came from behind to win it after the Oregon State kicker missed 3 extra points, including the deciding one in OT! That was close, as was the Colorado-Colorado State game.

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