Friday, September 03, 2004

Quality Scribes

There's been some good writing out there in bloggerdom this past week. Yesterday I actually went to every blog I have linked up. It took me forever to visit everyone's blog, but I found some qaulity poker musings.

HDouble has an interesting tale entitled The Greatest Poker Monologue Ever. Only in Hollyweird, eh? Both JD from Cheap Thrills and Mas from Genius of Poker have various trip reports from Vegas and the Borgata. Check those out. Double As had some helpful things to saying about Playing against a LAG. Lastly, the Poker Chronicles had some of these interesting observations:
1. Most players, even the winners, don't understand the game.
2. Party players are so bad that weak tight players can be winners.
3. Players give up more edge than they realize.
4. Players are unwilling to try to learn different styles of play.
Read the rest of his entry, Borgata and August Recap.

Sadly, The Poker Nerd ended his run this past week at blogging. I hope he returns after a short hiatus.

Rough Day at the Tables

I played on Party Poker today and had the chance to play with Daddy for a little bit. I watched him take down a nice pot when he flopped quad nines!! He also saw the bad beat of the day... I lost with the Hilton Sisters to 93o. It was pretty ugly.

Poker Playing Music in the Last 24 Hours...
1. Phil Lesh and Phriends
2. Galactic
3. Thelonius Monk
4. Traffic
5. Medeski, Martin & Wood with Marc Ribot

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