Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Poker in the Weeds!!!

My brother, Derek, has entered the world of bloggerdom... and you can now visit his poker blog called: Poker in the Weeds. He recently posted his day 1 report from our trip to Las Vegas last month, where he has some funny things to say. Here's a bit:
Luxor tourney sucked ass. I was so pumped to play in Vegas again but my enthusiasm was slightly deflated when I got knocked out of the tourney within the first half hour. $28 down the drain and it was my first poker action of the trip. Some dirty Brit caught runner runner on the turn and river to catch a flush and crack my pocket KKs. Dirty fucker was calling my preflop raise with 3-6d. I flopped a set and the English bastard kept calling all the way to the river and knocked me and some girl with a set of 3's out at the same time. I hate that the Luxor tourney isn't no limit until the final table. That's what sucks about limit games. Too many callers who catch shit. Unfortunately I don't have the bankroll to play with better players. But who doesn't have a story about someone calling crappy hands to the river and catching lucky miracle wins? I guess there's way too much WPT and espn tv watching. The one thing I learned at the Luxor is that pot limit can kill you just as easily as low limit especially when there's tons of loose players and dirty runner runner catching Brits!
Check out his site and link him up! He'll be posting more of his Las Vegas trip later this week. By the way, I love the name of his blog...

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