Sunday, May 09, 2004

139th out of 1139

Very strange. I just got busted out of a NL multi on Party Poker. Came in 139th out of 1139 players. Those multi are a friggin' grind. Last 12 tables (thru 120th) paid cash. Winner got $1139. Second place got $666. Early on I doubled up against the big stack at my table with Nicky & Paris and looked solid with T6500. Then my 10-10 lost to AK to put me back to a little above the average stack. Everything was going great until I got disconnected for almost 20 minutes and spent 10 minute chatting with support staff to get me back on my table.

When I got back, I lost almost T1000 in chips from blinds. I won a nice sized pot with QJs. Chopped a pot with AKs against AKs. I went over the top to a guy on the button who tried to steal the blinds. I was almost back up to T6000. Then the table bully threw out a huge raise. I had A-10s in the Big Blind. I pushed it all-in and we had a race... his KK went down when I flopped an ace. Sweet.

So with T12,100, I was running hot and feeling like I was going to make the Final Table... I was 13th in chips and close to making the money in my first ever multi! Then out of nowhere, I ran into AA with my AKs. Lost almost all of my stack to a guy who got pocket aces three times (all within the previous hour) and I made him secoond in chips. Bastard!! I was busted out a few hands later. Played with Al Can't Hang, who did very well... coming in 555th place. I'm not making these numbers up. Ah, oh well... I recalled when I stopped playing these thousand person multis, because they are a crap shoot. It was a nice way to kill time while I ate breakfast, watched Meet the Press and checked my voicemail.

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