Saturday, May 15, 2004

Choice Poker Stole My Money!!!

Where's my check? Chocie Poker sucks ass.

Besides Grubby, who else has had problems cashing out of Choice Poker? I am in the middle of a nightmare, and I'm trying to figure out who else they ripped off before I attempt legal action (if I can). They might be able to rip off one or two of us, but if there are a bunch of bloggers they ripped off, maybe we can band together and do something to bring them to justice.

I am starting off with my first anti-Choice Poker rant. I was wondering if anyone who frequents 2+2 forums or RGP, can do me a favor and post a quick inquiry whether or not any one else is experiencing a similar problem. I don't hang out on those formus/message boards, so any info would be greatly appreciated.

Here's what happned. Two months ago I requested a cash out of Choice Poker. I got the run around and they said that they were unable to complete the transaction, unless I had set up my account via a Western Union deposit. Since I Western Unioned them the money, I thought I qualified to get a cash out. I requested a check, and they assured me that they had teh funds and would send me the check in 2-3 weeks. When I brought up the rumor that Choice Poker was broke (and not paying their employees and players) to a customer service rep, he got angry and said that he would never lie to me and he was upset that I questioned his credibility. I should have known he was bluffing. Here's the email that they sent me on Macrh 30, 2004:
As for the check, because it is for such a small amount, we will have to send it via normal mail. Otherwise, the cost of sending its would be greater than the withdrawal itself. Therefore, you can expect to receive your withdrawal in the next 2-3 weeks (because sending it normal mail from Costa Rica takes that long normally). It will be for $XX.XX minus the cost of the check itself and the cost of sending it.
What a crock of shit. They are charging me to ship the check and the cost of cutting the check? It was under $50, but that's not the point. Here's some of the lies that Choice Poker has on their website: emphasizes allowing for the fastest possible deposit and payout transactions.

The family pledges to always be honest and consistent in all our promotions and advertising. As well, any information we publish regarding our company and operations is honest and truthful. All information regarding our games, policies and procedures are always available and open to the public.
More lies. They are so full of shit. I sent them two emails in the past 10 days... without any responses. Now I bring my plight to you attention. Grubby said something about how they are still operating, looking to con new players into getting new funds. At least, I can do something from preventing another victim of this awful poker site.

Bloggers... tell me your problems with Choice.

Attorneys... tell me what would be a proper course of legal action.

Thugs... anyone want to go down to Costa Rica and handle things... the old school way?

And to all the assholes at Choice Poker... you fucked with the wrong guy. Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of liars.

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