Monday, May 17, 2004

Call Me Jesus... the WBT Hits Pacific Poker
"Definition of Faith: not wanting to know what is true." - Nietzsche
So it's true. I'm Jesus. With that said, congrats to Otis in addition to Mean Gene and Boy Genius. Thanks to Iggy for the grunt work. OK that's it. I came in 20th place and didn't get many cards. The only highlight was my attempt to play incognito after I grew rabid with frustration trying to get a decent user name on Pacific Poker. Their 8 character rule was pissing me off, and you know how much I like rules. So I decided that I'll try to play under a different name to disguise my style of play, and perhaps I'd get to steal a pot or two. I considered trying to mock my fellow bloggers and play under names not so identical nameds like: HDooble or AlCanHang or GirlGenius or NiceGene. Alas, I decided upon Jesus. And when I got to my first table, I tried to see if I could pull off my disguise.
Table 1... The Players:
Seat 1: Cheap Thrills
Seat 2: Maudie
Seat 3: CanesFan
Seat 4: Chicago Phil
Seat 5: NemoD
Seat 6: EMPTY
Seat 7: PDooley
Seat 8: Jesus69
Seat 9: Boy Genius
Seat 10: EMPTY
I decided to try ou tmy acting chops on Boy Genius. Here's the chat, and in case you're very slow... I am Jesus69:
chgophil: nh
NemoD: ty
Dealer: (Hand# 10787776) boygza won $130, didn't show hand
boygza: mean gene in the early chip lead with 1214
Canesfan: cant let him take another title tonight
Jesus69: i like your blog boy genius
chgophil: I'm the early short stack
boygza: thanks jesus
boygza: reader or blogger?
Jesus69: reader
Dealer: (Hand# 10787801) ChpThrls won $150, didn't show hand
Jesus69: i like your blog too Maudie
Dealer: (Hand# 10787933) MaudieB won $30, didn't show hand
MaudieB: Thanks
And that's not all. I even hammed it up for Boy Genius... and asked him what the Hammer was!! And he responded! Here's more hilarious chat:
Dealer: (Hand# 10788230) Jesus69 won $840, didn't show hand
MaudieB: i thought Jesus was supposed to be charitable...
Jesus69: how do you show cards?
boygza: uncheck automuck?
Jesus69: ok thanks
boygza: hammer!
ChpThrls: lol
boygza: this is how i lost to the fat guy last time
Jesus69: whats the hammer?
boygza: 72o
Jesus69: oh
That was great. Then I got moved to another table. And this time, it was with some of the big boys. Here's my second table:
The Players:
Seat 1: EMPTY
Seat 2: HDouble
Seat 3: Otis
Seat 4: NemoD
Seat 5: LieBot
Seat 6: UpForPoker (CJ)
Seat 7: EMPTY
Seat 8: Life's a Grind
Seat 9: MonsterZ
Seat 10: Jesus69
Right away, HDouble tried to out me. Here's what Yoda himself said:
Hdouble: hey nemos here
Hdouble: and jesus
NemoD: heya
Dealer: (Hand# 10788489) NemoD won $175, didn't show hand
Hdouble: jesus = pauly
Up4Poker: same difference ;-)
Hdouble: maybe
Jesus69: im not pauly, i'm mike from buffalo.
Jesus69: tao of poker sucks
NemoD: jesus asked "whats the hammer" at my last table
Hdouble: oh my bad mike
Dealer: (Hand# 10788499) MonsterZ won $200, didn't show hand
Hdouble: lol
Hdouble: oh the humanity
NemoD: haha
Up4Poker: The Hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus69: i like your blog though
Hdouble: thank you sir
Hdouble: you can donate your stack to me
Hdouble: ;)
And that was the end of the humor. Shortly afterwards, I was busted!! Congrats to the winners!

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