Saturday, May 08, 2004

Poissons du Jour: 4 Bloggers + 1 Fish = Saturday Fish Fry
"All the luck inthe world isn't gonna change things for these guys. Theyr'e simply overmatched. We're not playing together, but we're not playing against each other, either. It's like the Nature Channel. You don't see piranhas eating each other, do you?" - Mike McD, Rounders
Just your average afternoon weekend day in the tumultuous waters on Party Poker. I've been on a roll. I posted four consecutive winning days... something I have never done before. Even HDouble commented on how my play is tightening up for the better.

Yesterday, I took a guy for over $60 and properly tagged him for future shakedowns. He was on this morning and I waited 30 minutes to get on his NL ring table. As soon as I did, I realized he was playing looser than ever, but this time he was catching cards. I was going to wait for my moment. Alas, Al Can't Hangover showed up after another late night at the Boat House... and soon after Stinky Pants and Bad Blood joined the fracas. And we were all looking to pounce on the PartyFish... the catch of the day... or poissons du jour for all your French speaking readers of the Tao of Poker.

UTG, I bet $3 with AKo. The PartyFish called with A9s. Al Can't Hang had JJ and went all-in. Man, I made Al for KK or QQ. What the fuck, right? I called, and of course so did PartyFish. Man, if I only caught an ace, I would have busted the PartyFish for a third time in two days. Yep, Al took down a huge pot and he was off and running. He had some great hands and played a huge heads up pot with PartyFish correctly... with both a flush draw and two Kings on the board, Al raised PartyFish on the turn... and took down the big pot with The Hiltons. I love skanky rich girls... for the sole reason they can afford the cab fare home in the morning.

I bluffed with the hammer a couple of times, including going all-in once (I know a very, very bad move) and bluffing out PartyFish outta a pot.... which drew a hoot and holler fest in the chat from cyber railbirds and the players at the table. Anything for the fans... well, almost anything. Bad Blood has a screen capture of one of the hammers I played (althought it was from the BB).

Al Can't Hang walked away at least up $75... he played awesome today.

I took down a huge pot when two guys went over the top of me preflop when I had AA in the little blind. I busted A-10s and KK. That was huge and pulled me outta the hole I was in after going on tilt earlier in the session after Al busted me with JJ. I also flopped a set with 99 and had someone with QQ bet into me and raised me on the flop all-in, and I quickly smacked him around like a poor white trash trailer park vixen who slept with her step-father one too many times.

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