Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Negreanu Plays Hellmuth's Mucked Hands for $8K Win

My brother told me I should read an article from a previous issue of Card Player. It was written by Phil Hellmuth titled Buried at Sea, where he talks about a drunken late night side game on a recent WPT cruise. Here's a bit:
In the old cruise days back in the late'80s, we always called the side game the "buried at sea" game. The 2004 version of the buried at sea game was $100-$200 blinds no-limit hold'em. On the very last night of the cruise, John Juanda, Allen Cunningham, Carlos Mortensen, Randy Jensen, Prahlad Friedman, Mike Matusow, and I were all losing at least $20,000 at some point in the game. We were really playing some monster pots!

At about 11:30 p.m., we were told the poker room would close at midnight. Immediately, we offered to buy a poker table and pay some dealers out of our pockets to deal to us until the 8 a.m. arrival time in San Diego. After all, some of us were losing big in the game. Fortunately, Mark Tenner came up with a solution for us, and the game moved to the library of the ship - with a big crowd watching us play.

By the way, at this point, Daniel Negreanu was up $8,200 by playing my discards! Yes, you read that right. Whenever I folded my hand before the flop, the other players agreed to let Daniel play my hand from that point forward, much to the delight of the huge crowd sweating the game. Simply put, a night of craziness was brewing.
Sounds pretty crazy, eh?

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