Monday, May 03, 2004

Mmmmmm-onday = One Day Left Until You Have to Pay Your Bookie
"Only users lose drugs." - Bumpersticker I saw at a Phish concert

I'm a gambler. I'll gamble on anything. Last March Madness in Las Vegas, I was betting with my buddy Senor on which elevator would come quicker. I've bet on the Oscars. I've wagered on national elections. And most recently, the last wacky proposition bet I flirted with... was when I've bet a ton of cash on how many times a certain female I know (name witheld for legal reasons) will reapply her lipstick while sitting at a bar having one drink (the Over/Under was 4 1/2) and she crushed the over with 7 reapplications.

I'm just like Cosmo Kramer in one of my favorite Seinfeld epsiodes of all time... when Kramer went to the Diplomat's Club and gambled on airplane arrivals & departures with a drunk, heavy-set Texan. I even foolishly bet on which guy Joey (Katie Homes) would pick on the final epsiode of Dawon's Creek. Maybe I have a slight problem with betting. But, I've been a winner too. No one scoffs at all the winning bets (a.k.a. trades) I made for clients when I worked on Wall Street. Those hunches paid off big time... which helped pay for college tuitions, bought summer homes, and paid for a shitload of wasted material objects. Personally, I cleaned up on March Madness the last three years and this past Saturday I was hoping to have a stellar Derby Day to start off my May. Alas, the rain and poor weather that pissed all over Kentucky a few hours prior to post didn't help me. BG did a great job on his pre Derby posts... but all the help in the world wasn't going to make me a winner on Saturday.

But the Yankees are hot, on a six game winning streak... and creeping closer to Boston and the Passion of Johnny Damon. Alas, I'll stick with poker and try to rebuild my bankroll on Party Poker against all the fish working off their raked hands to secure their reload bonuses.

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