Sunday, May 02, 2004

Pauly & the Penguin

After the advice of several friends, including Maudie and Haley, I took a few days off from poker and the grind of the big city. Now, I'm back from a weekend out of the city. It was well needed! Vegas really sucked the life and energy (and my bankroll) outta me... so I needed a lazy and relaxing weekend, near some water and the beach, to soothe my troubled soul before I get back in the swing of things called my life.

First off, the Poker Penguin is back with two posts in the same day!

Secondly, I got to sit at the same table and play on Party Poker with the Penguin. It was pretty cool and I think that I was bad luck for the guy. He lost over $30 in the hour I played with him. I had a few swings and I won a couple of big pots when my medium pairs held up after I flopped sets or bigger hands. 99 was a monster for me with a flop of: 9QQ. I checked on the flop and went in for the kill on the turn. With 77 I flopped: As-Ks-7. I went all-in on the flop and won on a river flush. Man oh man.

Then there was the infamous "Pauly bluffs the Hammer" move. With three players seeing the flop of Q-2-7... I bet $3. The last guy raised to $6. I reraised all-in and typed: hammer time into the chat when the guy took every second of his allotted time to make a decision. He eventually called me and the other guy folded. Heads up... and I won a huge pot with.... AA! So I lied, and the Penguin was pissed that I duped everybody. He wrote: "You Lie!" in the chat after I won the pot AA vs A-10s. I think I goaded the other clown/fish into calling me. At any rate, the Hammer would have been a better hand... with just a pair of Aces winning that pot.

So it was a cool weekend at the tables... an I played for a few hours, here and there, and won $20/hr playing NL ring games. I pissed it all away on a few SNGs and some Stud hi/lo. The highlight was watching my brother take 14th in a multi-table super satellite for the WSoP. He needed to place in the top 12 if he wanted a seat in the $300 WSoP satellite on Party Poker. He played teh best he's ever played... which made me proud.

OK, that's it for now... more to come later this week.

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