Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Link Dump: Boys of Autumn, Protecting Assets, the Rail, and l'Apocalypse

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Ah, here are some links of note to keep you occupied for a few minutes.

Photo credit: Library of Congress

With the World Series (of baseball) on the horizon, The Boys of Autumn is a stellar piece about the first ever contest and "heroics in the days before steroids and the long postseason." (Wall Street Journal)

There's some weird shit going down in France involving online poker. I'm a boorish American. I only speak English, Spanglish (a hybrid dialect that I picked up from growing up in NYC and living in SoCal), and jive. Mon francais est tres mal. Anyway if you can read French, check out Benjo's piece titled Les trompettes de l'Apocalypse. (Las Vegas, off the record)

Flashback time. Amy Calistri re-posted an article she originally penned in 2005 titled Protecting Your Assets. Funny shit. (Aimlessly Chasing Amy)

Ah, I love British sarcasm and their contempt for the Frnechies. I can't say anything more. Read for yourselves... French Legislate To Open Gambling Market, Allow Fold Buttons (Melted Felt)

My weekly column appeared a few days early last week. This week's topic is the rail and those wacky and wild railbirds. Take a peek at... Anatomy of the Rail.(Poker News)
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