Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Link Dump: Stealing Wil, November Nine Exposure, Bots Suing Full Tilt, and Andy Beal

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here are some bits, blurbs, and other ways to waste your time away...
Only dicks steal. Don't be a dick. More details on why Wil is pissed can be found here... an open letter to the guy who put just a geek the audiobook on his website for people to steal. (Wil Wheaton)

Ah, the rough and tumble life of Joe Sebok. He's currently in Aruba where he posted an UB Hand History Update to his blog. (Poker Road)

One day, I'd love to get a press release that says, "Today, Full Tilt is not running a FTOPS and no one is currently suing us." Alas, that's just a pipe dream like free health care and the Easter Bunny. Sorry for the tangent... in legal news, Full Tilt is facing a new lawsuit. This time? The bots are suing them. (Melted Felt)

Las Vegas shelving gaudy expansion projects for a decade or longer. Well, no shit. Times are tougher than tough. (Wall Street Journal)

Remember Andy Beal? He's the Banker in Michael Craig's book. You'd be surprised to know what the Banker has been up to during the recent financial crisis. I found out some fascniating information from Amy Calistri's post... The Omaha Tell: Andy Beal Kicked the Oracle’s Ass. (Aimlessly Chasing Amy)

Shamus hit another home run with his latest post... One Month left to Hype the 2009 November Nine. He wonders when the mainstream media are going to start talking about the November Nine. My answer to Shamus? No one cares about the November Nine unless one of them starts banging Kate from John & Kate Plus 8. (Hard Boiled Poker)
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