Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Link Dump: Remembering Stupak, DreamTeamPoker Mondays, Ivey-Z, The Benjo & Hellmuth Show, and Truckin'

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Sundays are fun days on Tao of Poker. Here's your Sunday morning link dump or if you're reading this on Monday, then this is a little something to help get you through the Mondays. And if that doesn't work? Try a single malt scotch.
The folks at Dream Team Poker are teaming up with the Bike in L.A. to run a series of tournaments on Monday Nights. (Dream Team Poker Blog)

Former Seattle Mariner's pitcher Jamie Moyer started a foundation with his wife called the Moyer Foundation that helps out kids in need. Their annual event, Dream Catchers, is a fundraiser auction for a series of once in a lifetime opportunities. On the list this year? Private lessons from Greg Raymer and Dennis Phillips. The coolest thing? A chance to go behind the scenes at Top Chef and be a diner during Restaurant Wars. (Dream Catchers)

Bob Stupak Is Gone is one of the more moving pieces I came across about the passing of Vegas Legend Bob Stupak. Linda's musings on Stupak is a must read. (Table Tango)

Big Pimpin'? Nah, it's just Phil Ivey. Because the U.K. only has one black guy (Seal - who doesn't even live there anymore) it was natural that little British kids mistakenly identified Phil Ivey as Jay-Z, who once referred to himself as "Rap's Grateful Dead." Does that make Ivey the Jay-Z of poker? (NY Post)

Now, if you want to talk about pimps, let's talk about Benjo. The Tao of Poker's favorite Frenchman recently conducted a live radio interview with Phil Hellmuth for Club Poker Radio in Paris. They spoke (in English - although the first few seconds are in French) about Hellmuth's view on Harrah's gypping the players at the WSOP and the conditions under which a players' mutiny would ensue resulting in break from the WSOP to start their own tournament series. Kudos to Benjo. (audio via Pokerati)

Sebok Signs As Ultimate Bet's 'Head Of Not Being Gay' is another spectacular piece from the other side of the tracks. I want whatever those guys are smoking. Utah, get me two! (Melted Felt)

The new issue of Truckin' is out and about. This month's contributors include Special K, Johnny Hughes, Betty Underground, and my buddy Sigge from Norway. My short story can be filed under a new genre called Tweaker Fiction. Without further ado... The Booth. (Truckin')

The Poker Hall of Fame voting period ended on Friday. I wrote about the nine nominees in this week's Sunday column at Poker News. Check out... 2009 Poker Hall of Fame. (Poker News)
That's it. Now get the hell out of my office. I got a book to finish and football to bet on.

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