Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy's Dad Wins WSOP-Europe; Happy's Chances in WSOP Final Table Plummet

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

On one hand, Happy Shulman just said, "Oh shit."

Sure, he wants to see his father win a bracelet and take down over $1 million to help fund his jet setting lifestyle with jaunts to Mallorca and Sardina. But the misanthrope son of the CardPlayer empire also knows too well that the poker gods are fickle. They have only so much love to give and Happy is shitting bricks that his father might have used up last of the family Shulman "run good" ju-ju.

After Midnight. London. All eyes were focused on the final two players. In one corner, sat the golden boy of poker. In the shadows of the other, a scoundrel in the publishing world that everyone loved to hate.

Barry fought Danny Boy fiercely and took the lead. He jumped out to a sizable advantage but was unable to unleash the knockout blow. Danny Boy rallied and pulled even in chips with an entire casino of rabid fans behind him. Despite the shift in momentum, Danny Boy failed to capture any ground. A few timely cards fell Barry's way and he won a couple of big pots.

Then it happened.

The hand in question was a meaner than Mean Mr. Mustard. Sure Barry held A-A and Danny Boy went to battle with Q-J. If you're heads up and fighting to the death, Q-J doesn't look too shabby. If anything Q-J looks like your ticket to salvation.

Danny Boy and Barry got it all in on a Jack-high flop. Danny Boy looked toast against Barry's Aces until another Jack spiked on the turn and the Empire casino exploded. Danny Boy's fans around the world collectively jizzed themselves as he took the lead. The jubilation quickly ended when an Ace fell on the river and silenced Danny Boy's supporters. Barry's trophy wife howled on the rail while he won the pot. Within seconds, the winter of discontent filled the Twitterverse.

Suck. Re-suck.

London had not seen bomb dropped like that since Hitler's Blitz of 1940. That hand hurt so much that I threw up in my mouth eight time zones away.

"Ship it, Canuck."
(Photo courtesy of Flipchip)

Barry finished off Danny Boy minutes later to win his second career bracelet and take down the £10,000 buy-in WSOP-Europe Main Event. I wonder if Barry is going to toss his bracelet into the Thames?

Cue Wagner. End scene.

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