Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Pimps: Monte Carlo, WPT Bracelets, and Paul Phillips Interview

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Change100 is in Monte Carlo covering the EPT Grand Finale. I covered that event last year and it's being held in an amazing venue. While she's gone, I get to live in her apartment and drive her car. I've also been writing a ton. I spent all weekend sitting around in my boxers smoking tough and watching the Masters, playoff hockey, and a mixture of Yankees and Dodgers games.

Anyway, Change100 is covering the EPT Grand Finale for Poker News along with GG and Tassie Devil. There's other cool stuff as well like pics and videos from Amanda.

Otis is also in Monte Carlo doing his best to stay of Isabelle-tilt and not fall down and providing top notch coverage over at PokerStars Blog. Also on his team is Stephen Bartley, one of my favorite British writers. And don't forget about the other PokerStars blogs written in German by B@ndit and in Swedish by Lina.

And if haven't seen, then what are you waiting for? Several friends of mine are doing the broadcast of the EPT Grand Finale. And if you speak French, you can listen to Benjo's magnificent commentary en francais.

And don't forget about Blonde Poker. Snoopy, DanaFish, and Jen are hard at work covering the event for the Brits. Speaking of Jen... she made an appearance on Late Night Poker over in the UK. Here's a video when she snaps off Aces with the Hiltons.

And lastly, check out this witty video about my friend (Mad from PokerStars) and her morbid addiction to pie charts...

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If you didn't know, the WPT recently announced that they were handing out bracelets to their event winners. Real original guys.

Pokerati had two posts about the topic... Bracelets for WPT Winners and a pic of the Tiffany-designed bracelet.

It's a bit dainty for guys to wear bracelets, however, since bracelets are a WSOP tradition... I accept it and honor that prestigious symbol of poker excellence. However, WPT had a chance to be original give out something cool to their champions such as a winner's watch. That's something that a poker player would actually wear and the WPT could have gotten a fat sponsorship from a watch company, just like the WSOP did. How cool would it be if WPT handed out a Rolex? Swanky and classy. Or how about ripping off the Masters and giving away a colored sports coat? Personally, they should go with cockrings. I wanna hear Mike Sexton say, "Here's Gus Hansen, the winner of four WPT cockrings."

The Poker Shrink recently handed out a report card for the WPT which included comments about the final table chip structure and the first season of the WPT on the GameShowNetwork.

The loco hombres at Wicked Chops Poker posted an interview with Paul Phillips, who always has some controversial things to say including on the topic as to why he quit poker...
I quit because I was starting a family and playing poker (especially tournament poker) is not conducive to having a happy family life. Had I not quit for that reason, I would have quit anyway because the juice had become too big, there was too much collusion, television was exerting a highly corruptive influence on what fairness remained, I was tired of having to fight through five hundred people on bathroom breaks, etc.... More
Lastly, Karol sent me this link... Second Life video in response to Massachusetts's Governor Duval Patrick's proposed prosecution of online poker players.

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