Saturday, April 12, 2008

I_CrackQuads Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

It was another West Coast installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. We had 28 runners this week with the Top 3 getting paid. SirWaffles made a rare appearance.

My starting table included... BiskoKid106, filpac, staind1791, Ingoal, DrPauly, USC55ND24, and TequilaMom.

Tequila Mom who offered up a pair of her old panties as a bounty. "Haha. Yes, I wear panties," she said. "I don't want to leave a greasy snailtrack everywhere I sit."

That was just one of the many gems that we got to experience in the chat before Tequila Mom busted out three minutes into the tournament.

On a flop of Qc-Jd-10h, Tequila Mom and USC55ND24 got it all in. They both held A-K for a Broadway straight. However, USC55ND24 held Ad-Kd and caught running diamonds to win the pot with a flush. Tequila Mom was out and took down Gigli.

Nothing was going on for me until the deck hit me in the face. I jumped up to 5th in chips. I had A-A and Q-Q in consecutive hands and won both pots.

I slipped to 10th out of 16 with a 2K stack after I doubled up ResidentEvil.

At the first break, I_CrackQuads was the chipleader with 7K. Waffles sat second in chips. I was 8th out of 13 with 2.8K.

I bubbled off final table in 10th place. O-hole-ne limped from the small blind. I raised to 450 from the big blind with Jd-Jh-10s-5c. O-hole-ne called. The flop was 8s-6s-6d. He checked. I bet 900. He check-min-raised me. I called off my last 485 and was all in. He showed trip 6s and I could not improve. Busto in 10th.

The final table players included o-hole-ne, filpac, Bikom, on_thg, SirFWALGMan, Family Ice, I_CrackQuads, USC55ND24, and cosmicfred. I_CrackQuads was chipleader.

Waffles busted out in 5th place when he ran into USC55ND24's set of fives. With four to go, it was the money bubble. USC55ND24 was the chipleader. With both him and FamilyIce still left - there was a chance that one of them became the first repeat champion. O-hole-ne tried to prevent that when he went on a rush and jumped from last in chips to first.

Family Ice eventually bubbled out in 4th place. He got it all in with K-K against USC55ND24's K-K. But USC55ND24 free-rolled another flush draw and got there on the turn to bust Family Ice in 4th place. With three to go, USC55ND24 was the chipleader with 16K.

One of the most decisive hands of the tournament happened in the battle of the blinds between USC55ND24 and o-hole-ne. The flop was 10h-4h-3s. USC55ND24 bet 800. O-hole-ne raised to 3,200. USC55ND24 called. The turn was the 10c. USC55ND24 bet 1,750. o-hole-ne raised to 8,140 and was all in. USC55ND24 called. USC55ND24 was behind with trip tens. O-hole-ne was ahead with a full house. He flopped a set of fours and turned the boat. He won the largest pot of the tournament up until that point.

At the second break, o-hole-ne was the chipleader with 19K. Three to go.

Last week's champion USC55ND24 busted out in 3rd place. He was shortstacked and o-hole-ne took him out. Both players were almost even when heads up play began. O-hole-ne was ahead 20,371 to 20,129.

On the first hand of heads up play, both players got it all in pre-flop.

o-hole-ne: Qd-Qh-6h-3d
I_CrackQuads: Kc-Kd-10s-6s

The board ran out 9h-8s-7d-Jc-4c. I-CrackQuads won the pot with a straight. O-Hole-ne was crippled with just 242 remaining in chips. He was all in from the small blind on the very next hand. I_CrackQuads won the final hand with a pair of fives and o-hole-ne was eliminated in second place. I_CrackQuads took down Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.
Week 11 Money Winners:
1. I_CrackQuads - $135
2. o-hole-ne - $81
3. USC55ND24 - $54
Another great final table. Congrats again to I_CrackQuads for his victory. Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. Hope to see everyone next week at the same time for more PLO hijinks.

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