Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bayne Wins Staurdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Holyweird, CA

I almost missed the start of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Change100 returned from Monte Carlo last night and we went to the diner for brunch, except that the diner is always swamped on the weekends and it took a while before we got our food. Anyway, we got back just in time for the start.

This week's tournament had 24 runners and the top 3 got paid. CJ made a rare appearance and his Luckbox powers were in full force.

My good friend Mad also made it and was playing from Spain. She was at my starting table which also included... BiskoKid106, Poker Shrink, AA_Matt_AA, CJ, boscodon, and Mean Gene.

Big Jer was this week's Gigli. Derek busted him with a full house.

I spewed chips early in a pot to Mad. Then I busted out when my Wheel was no match for CJ's boat. Nothing is worst that raising all in against the nuts when you are drawing dead. I was eliminated in 21st place.

At the first break, AA_matt_AA was the chipleader with 4.8K and 15 players were left.

The final table this week was jeciimd, Mean Gene, AA_Matt_AA, WAXMAN13, sunno5103, bayne_s, bettercheck4, CJ and I_CrackQuads. AA_Matt_AA had the chiplead with 8.3K.

Last week's winner I_CrackQuads busted out on a crazy three-way hand. There was a lot of action pre-flop and 90% of the money was in pre-flop between sunno5103, I_CrackQuads, and Bayne. The rest of the money went in on the flop. The board ran out... Qh-10c-10s-Qs-8s. Bayne won with Jd-Jc-10h-9h and a straight. I_CrackQuads's Ac-As-5h-5d lost and he was eliminated in 9th place. And with I_CrackQuads bust out, there would not be a repeat champion this week.

At the second break, there were four players remaining as action reached the money bubble. CJ was the chipleader with 14.2K.

After a tough battle on the bubble, jecciimd went out as the Bubble Boy and finished in 4th place.

Once it got three-handed, Bayne won a major hand and doubled through CJ to take the chiplead with 16K. CJ eventually busted out in third place.

When it was heads up Bayne had a 23K to 10K lead. On the 25th hand of heads up play, Bayne took it down. On the final hand, AA_Matt_AA raised 1,600 and Bayne called. The flop was 9c-8d-7s. Bayne checked. AA_Matt_AA bet 3,200. Bayne min-check-raised to 6,400. AA_Matt_AA said, Here we go." And he called. The turn was the As. Bet bet 800. AA_Matt_AA said, "gg you got it" before he called off his last 582.

AA_Matt_AA: Qh-7c-3c-2h
Bayne: 9h-7h-5h-3d

The river was the Ac. Bayne won the pot with a bigger two pair. AA_Matt_AA was eliminated in second place while Bayne won Satudays with Dr. Pauly.
Week 12 Money Winners:
1. Bayne - $120
2. AA_Matt_AA - $72
3. CJ - $48
After numerous cashes and final table performances, Bayne finally broke through and won his first Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Congrats!

Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. Hope to see everyone next week!

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