Monday, April 07, 2008

Theprophecy Wins Tao of Poker March Madness Pool!

By Pauly
New York City

Talk about one helluva final championship game. Memphis appeared to have it locked up in the final minutes of play, until their poor free throw shooting came back to haunt them. Kansas forced and overtime and the rest was history. Kansas beat a tough UNC team and an even tougher Memphis team en route to their championship season.

In case you were wondering, theprophecy (N. Walters) won this year's Tao of Poker March Madness Pool and collected a $50 iTunes gift card. Zeem finished in second place and won a copy of Hooisers on DVD. Please shoot me an email so we can arrange prize payouts and distribution.

Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats once again to the winners! See you next year for sure, and we're less than five months away from the NFL season.

Don't forget, head over to Fantasy Sports Live to get your instant fantasy sports fix. NHL playoff contests are beginning this week!

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