Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Links and Referrals

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Well, I'm too lazy to write anything of substance, so how about some links?
Last 5 Poker Blogs I Read...
1. Hard Boiled Poker
2. Poker Grump
3. Julius Goat
4. Kid Dynamite
5. Pokerati
Yes, I actually read some poker blogs these days. Those guys are in my Bloglines folder. I happen to spend most of my online my time wasting away reading non-poker blogs such as...
Last 5 Non-Poker Blogs I Read...
1. Stuff White People Like
2. T.U.B.E.
3. Rapid Eye Reality
4. The Fat Guy
5. Dealbreaker
I love checking out the most random and obscure searches that send people to Tao of Poker. I wish I could make this up. Here are a few that made me chuckle...
Last 5 Hilarious Referrals...
1. Asian Strippers pissing on spectators
2. Las Vegas hooker bar hooker prices
3. Annette_15 foot fetish
4. Which poker pros are broke?
5. What part of New York is 3 hours behind Alabama?
And lastly, here are the sites that sent me the most traffic last month...
Top 10 Referrals in March...
1. Wicked Chops Poker
2. Prof's Las Vegas Poker Blog
3. Tao of Pauly
4. Shaniac
5. Up for Poker
6. Aaron Gleeman
7. Guinness and Politics
8. AlCantHang
9. Pot Committed
10. Never Win Poker
Thanks to everyone for the referrals!

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