Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grouse14 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly; Becomes First Repeat Champion

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Benjo (everyone's favorite malcontent chain-smokin' Pai Gow addicted journalist) visited LA for a few days after all of the French players busted out of the WPT Championships. We let him crash at the apartment with Change100 and myself. This morning, we headed to In & Out Burger for our pre-game meal.

I got something off the menu. Nothing too exotic, just a triple cheeseburger.

Anyway, after lunch, we headed back to play. There were 29 runners for Week 13. The Top 5 were paid. This week featured special guest SirWaffles.

Grouse14 had left an ominous comment at 8:43am ET on the morning of the tournament which said, "I have not been to the tourney for a while, but I plan on making a comeback today and becoming the first repeat champ......Look out."

My starting table included grouse14, DrPauly, Emil_M, AcerbicOne, Clintonstain, change1OO, and Derek.

Waffles was Gigli. He flopped a set of 7s in a three-way pot. phxman00 turned a set of Kings and had Waffles on the ropes... with a gutshot or quads as his only hopes for a miracle. He got neither on the river and headed to the rail as Gigli.

I spewed chips early and then doubled up against Friedman to get back a little above even. I cracked his A-A-x-x with two pair. The highest I got was 6th in chips with about 22 remaining. It was all downhill afterwards.

I played too many hands, per usual, and saw flops in 27 out of 45 dealt hands. 60%! But my table was six-handed or seven-handed for a bit and I like to see a lot of flops in position in PLO.

I busted out in 17th place. I had 1.2K in chips and found Ks-6h-6c-5s. Two players limped. I potted. O-hole-ne folded. Grouse14 re-raised to put me all in. I was committed and called. He had Qh-Qd-2d-2c. I flopped a gutshot and turned a flush draw. Alas, I missed on the river and grouse14 won the pot as I was out.

At the first break, Chewbot was the chipleader with 10.4K and 16 players remaining.

The final table included... Benjo, lanmah, chenzilla, mooninjune, grouse14, USC55ND24, AcerbicOne, phxman00, and Chewbot.

Benjo took over the lead after he doubled up against the chipleader in the biggest pot of the tournament. He got all his money in on the turn with trips against Chewbot's two pair. Benjo's stack jumped to over 22K.

Phxman00 was the Bubble Boy and hit the rail in 6th place. Benjo was the chipleader with almost 30K. At one point Benjo slipped to 25K, but he still had more chips than the remaining four combinded. They all had similar stack sizes ranging from 4K to 5k.

Benjo knocked out Chewbot in 5th and was rolling along. Then he took a big hit after Grouse14 doubled up with a sick hand. Benjo flopped a set but Grouse rivered a bigger set to win. Grouse took over the chiplead by a slim margin. Benjo busted out in 4th shortly after.

At the second break, grouse14 had the chip lead with 23.4K, Chenzill second with 11.3K, and Shamus trailing with 8.7k. After the break, Shamus chipped his way up to second place.

Chenzilla busted out in 3rd place. grouse14 raised from the small blind. Chenzilla re-raised to 5.4K from the big blind. Chenzilla called. The fop was Qd-4d-4h. Grouse14 checked. Chenzilla moved all in for his last 6,210 with A-A. Grouse14 called with trip fours. That held up and Chenzilla was out.

When heads up began, Shamus had 7.5K to Grouse14's 36K stack. On the fifth hand of heads up play, Shamus busted out in second place. On the final hand, Grouse raised to 1,800 and Shamus potted. Grouse re-raised to put him all in and Shamus called off his 5.5K stack.

Shamus: As-Qc-5c-4c
Grouse14: Jc-Jd-10c-6h

The board ran out 8c-8d-7d-2d-Kh. Grouse14 won with two pair and won the tournament.
Week 13 Money Winners:
1. Grouse14 - $116
2. Short-stacked Shamus - $69.60
3. Chenzilla - $46.40
4. Benjo - $34.80
5. Chewbot - $23.20
Grouse14 won the first ever Saturday's with Dr. Pauly. With his victory in Week 13, he has become the first two-time winner. Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Hope to see everyone next week!

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