Friday, April 04, 2008

The Final Four and Tao of Poker March Madness Pool Update

By Pauly
New York City

I almost forgot to post the latest update for the Tao of Poker March Madness Pool. patrykus 1 (d. patrykus) is currently in first place. He has UNC beating Memphis in the final game. And yes, that's Change100 tied for 8th place. She won the pool I do with my friends last year for a $400 score. She has a shot at winning my money pool this year if UCLA wins. Unreal.

Anyway, with the Final Four set, here's the top 11 sheets in the Tao of Poker pool...
Top 11:
1 patrykus 1 (d. patrykus) 1040
2 Ingoal's Invincibles (I. Hildebrandt) 990
3 Killing Ravioli (Bogey Lowenbrau) 980
3 Ziem 1 (T. Ziem) 980
3 Raging Priapisms II (F. Pringle) 980
6 Moos 1 (B. Moos) 970
6 Bayne (BayneS) 970
8 Giguere 1 (T. Giguere) 960
8 Hollyweed & Vine (Change100) 960
8 Swenson 1 (E. Swenson) 960
8 Barry Needs A Job (on_thg) 960
As Derek mentioned, there are some great games in this year's Final Four. UCLA vs. Memphis and UNC vs. Kansas.
UNC - 3 Kansas
Memphis -2 UCLA
I like UNC and Memphis. Make some big bucks and fade my picks! I'm not betting on either game. I almost bet Memphis when the spread was -1. I probably should have. Since I'll miss one of the games (going to see a Widespread Panic concert), I don't want to bet on it. I'll wait for the final game and bet that instead.

Anyway, best of luck this weekend with your sheets and your bets.

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