Saturday, April 05, 2008

USC55ND24 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

Great turnout for Week 10 of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. There were 38 runners with the top 5 getting paid.

My starting table included yestbay1, GMoney,Amy Calistri, dredful, bayne_s, justsomeDude, and Mr Nick UK.

TreeDub was Gigli when he busted out in a monster three-way pot between with my buddy Stormy and USC55ND24. Stormy was crippled and USC55ND24 jumped into the chiplead.

I spewed chips in the first fifteen minutes like I always do. About a half hour intot the tournament, I had severe connection issues. It was more annoying than anything else, especially with a short stack. I lost a big pot to Bayne with A-A-x-x and had a meager 280 left. I found Qs-10s-9d-8d and moved all in. Bayne called with Ad-Ah-Qd-9s. He flopped top set and I was toast, Out in 25th place.

USC55ND24 held the lead at the first break with 11.7K. Family Ice ended a string of final tables and busted out in 13th place. USC55ND24 added more chips to his super stack.

With over 17K in chips, USC55ND24 was the chipleader at the final table, which included Blue123, July2, LorraineLove, marmitethcat, bayne_s, dredful, USC55ND2, ketamine98, and Katitude.

In a three-way pot, Kattitude busted out but Ketamine doubled through USC55ND24 to take the chiplead with 19.1K. USC55ND24 eventually got it back and raced past the 23K mark.

By the second break, USC55ND24 was the chipleader with 35.3K and three remaining. Ketamine had 16K and Bayne was holding in in third with 5.4K.

Bayne busted out in third. When USC55ND24 and Ketamine were heads up, USC55ND24 was up 32K to 24K. On the final hand, USC55ND24 raised to 1,200 and Ketamine called. The flop was 7c-6h-3d. Ketamine checked, USC55ND24 be 600. Ketamine check raised to 4,200. USC55ND24 called. The turn was the 9s. Ketamine bet 10,800. USC55ND24 raised all in for 21,600. Ketamine called for his last 4,370.

ketamine98: Ks-9c-7h-3c
USC55ND24: Kh-10h-9s-8s

The river was the Qd. USC55ND24 won with a 10-high straight. Ketamine was eliminated in second place, while USC55ND24 won it all.
Week 10 Money Winners:
1. USC55ND24 - $152
2. ketamine98 - $91.20
3. Bayne - $60.80
4. LorraineLove - $45.60
5. marmitethcat - $30.40
Congrats again to USC55ND24 for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. As always, thanks to everyone who came out, especially those party crashers at Midnight Poker Forum. Hope to see everyone next week.

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