Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wicked Chops Blogfiles: Tao of Poker

Chops over at Wicked Chops Poker recently posted an interview with me called Blogfiles: Tao of Poker. It's a Q&A session and it turned out pretty good. Here are some sample questions:
WCP: You've traveled across the country playing in other people's home games. What are some of your best stories from the road?

WCP: Were you ever even a little tempted though to "make friends" with one of those hookers at the motel?

WCP: Finally, you pull up a seat at a live 6-person SNG. Who would you fill out the remaining seats with (can be living, dead, or fictitious)?
Wanna know my answers? Then check out... Blogfiles: Tao of Poker

Moving on...

I got several comments from readers and emails from Maudie and Gracie. They all saw me on Tuesday's episodes of the WSOP! In the Cyndy Violette/Erik Seidel event, I was spotted towards the end. I happened to see plenty of shots of Flipchip even one where you could see him in the background taking photos! I also spotted Amy Calistri and me talking at one point. Damn, that really made me miss the trenches at the Rio! I also got to catch glimpses of Heather from Poker Wire, BJ from Card Player, Jay Greenspan, and even John from Poker News... all in the background.

I guess I'll be buying the 2005 WSOP DVD as soon as it comes out!

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You should be checking out... Flipchip's 2005 WSOP Photo Gallery.

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