Monday, September 05, 2005

Full Tilt Charity Tournament, WCOOP, and a Noble Free Roll

Since I came in 3rd place in a Noble Poker MTT last week, I was eligible to play in their $1K Winner's Free Roll. Joanne won a MTT this past week and she was invited to play too. I did awful. Joanne made the money and to the final table... again! She got pocket aces like ten times in that tournament. It was unreal.

Today marked the first day of the World Championships of Online Poker at Poker Stars. Both the Poker Nerd and Wil Wheaton live blogged during Event #1. Wil will be live blogging all of his WCOOP appearances over at Card Squad. The Poker Nerd took 662 while Wil finished 518th when his AJ ran into A8.

Full Tilt Hurricane Relief Tournament #2

Plenty of pros signed up to play on Full Tilt, including Aaron Bartley, David Grey, Kristy Gazes, Steve Brecher, Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch, Erik Siedel, Rafe Furst, Allen Cunningham, Perry Friedman, and John Juanda. There were some of your favorite bloggers there too, like Derek, Daddy, Heather, Gracie, Maudie, Iggy, Bobby Bracelet. Along with a few readers like Landow, Pablo, Tapin42 and Bobbie Lover who also played. On_thg, Ryan, and the April Sisters were hanging around.

Over 1210 players signed up which meant that over $24K went to Hurricane Relief. Since Friday, Full Tilt raised over $38K.

9:20pm... Daddy was the first blogger out in 1176th place. Derek followed soon after in 1167th.

9:31pm... I won a monster pot with AKs. I raised preflop and got 5 callers. The flop had two clubs. One player underbet the pot, another moved all in. I decided to gamble and called. The first player also called. I was up against second pair and top pair. I turned the flush and more than tripled up. I was 3rd overall at that point.

9:38pm... Rafe Furst ws eliminated in 1059th place.

9:39pm... I'm spotted by a few fans. Here's some of the chat:
hacker59 (Observer): is there a bounty on your head, pauly?
DrPauly: lol
DrPauly: no
hacker59 (Observer): you're the biggest freakin' celeb in the tournament, after all
DrPauly: Perry Friedman is a bigger celeb
hacker59 (Observer): faithful reader
9:44pm... Howard Lederer eliminated in 979th.

9:47pm... David Grey was out in 878th place.

9:48pm... Perry Friedman was busted in 865th.

9:59pm... Maudie was out in 767th.

10:03pm... Bobby Bracelet doubled up with the Hilton Sisters.

10:08pm... Maigrey was knocked out in 616th place.

10:12pm... I found AKs for the fifth time in less than an hour, and for the second time I chopped the pot with another guy with AK.

10:13pm... Erik Seidel was eliminated in 581st place.

10:14pm... I won a pot with KK and was 86/568 at the break.

10:31pm... Bobby Bracelet was eliminated in 484th place.

10:41pm... Andy Bloch was busted in 435th.

10:44pm... I got no action with my Hilton Sisters. I was 112 out of 420.

10:45pm... Kristy Gazes was eliminated in 405th place.

10:55pm... Gracie was knocked out in 350th place.

11:08pm... I'm eliminated in 261st place when my 88 loses to A8. Iggy, Landow, and Pablo remained.

11:10pm... Landow was knocked out in 256th place.

11:19pm... John Juanda was knocked out in 220th.

11:35pm... Iggy was knocked out in 172nd place.

1:08am... Pablo slugs his way to a 25th place finish. He made the money. Great job!

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