Thursday, April 14, 2005

Widespread Mayhem

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to Felicia is is undergoing surgery today as I write this. Best of luck to you and Glenn!

Secondly, I finally cleared bonuses on Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and Empire Poker in the last two weeks. I am up over $1K including bonuses during this run. I just bought myself a new laptop and paid off plane tickets to Las Vegas and Indiana with my whoring cashola.

If you don't know, Full Tilt is absolutely the perfect place to pad your bankroll. For a while, it was Glyph, Maudie, and mine's dirty little secret. I begged them not to blog about how soft the games were. You want to know why there haven't been any blogger tables on Party Poker recently? Well, because I was spending my evenings playing over at Full Fish (my new nickname for Full Tilt) working off my bonus. I guess I attract a lot of railbirds on Party. After I cleared my Full Fish bonus, I focused my attention on Empire Poker. Now that I cleared my bonus there, I can go back to trolling the waters on Party Poker with the occasional hit and run session on Full Fish.

Of course, my return yesterday to normal ring games and non-bonus chasing play was greeted by one of my worst sessions since the February Doldrums. Ouch. I'll make it back today.

I think it's a good time for a break from blogging, writing, and poker. One of my favorite bands, Widespread Panic, is in town playing three shows at Radio City Music Hall. I'll be spending my evenings enjoying the scene with Senor. If you are a Spreadhead looking for WSP setlists and show reviews... then visit the Tao of Pauly. That's where I'll post that stuff over the next few days.

I guess I'm on a mini-hiatus. I'll be back on Monday for sure. Here's what you can expect next week on the Tao of Poker:
Monday: Existentialist Conversations with Strippers - Part II
Tuesday: IPSOOMA Post
Wednesday: Hump Day Pimp Day
Thursday: Reader Mail
Friday: Week in Review
Wait, I know what you are thinking, "Pauly, WTF is IPSOOMA?" Simply put, it's an acronym for... I'll pull something out of my ass. And yes, I'll finally post Part II of Pauly, Senor, and Grubby's stripper hijinks from last month in Vegas. I'll be back. Good luck at the tables.

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