Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hump Day Pimp Day: Radio Free Pauly, WPBT WSoP #2, and Party Poker's Reload Bonus
"For some people, life is an empty cup and there's nothing you can pour in there that will fill it up." - Tao of Pauly
Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your "Hey, Soul!" classics? No, my brother, I'm too busy playing on Party Poker!

Tonight is your last chance to take advantage of Party Poker's 20% reload bonus. You must deposit $500 to get $100 and play 7x the raked hands. The bonus code is: BONUSAPR. You have until Midnight April 27th (tonight) to take advantage of this promotion and get free money. I've been there and have like 220 hands left to go. See ya at the tables.

Radio Free Pauly

I was in much better shape this weekend when I taped my segment with Sean for the Lord Admiral Card Club Radio Show and Podcast. If you don't know it's the best podcast dedicated to poker in the universe. Sean and Brent are working hard every week to get this done so stop by and show your support.

You can download the MP3 of this week's show... Episode 23: Here.
You can download last week's show... Episode 22: Here.
You can read the show's notes: Here.

My segment starts at the 41:00 mark of the show and it lasts about 11 minutes. We talked about local games I play here in NYC among other things. This week's show also features an interview with the Poker Prof. Check it out.

If you want to catch up and listen to previous episodes, please visit their archives over at Brainscat. Thanks again to Sean for having me on.


Iggy announced a second tournament, a WPBT WSoP Satellite for the $1500 NL event, which will take place on June 3rd at the Rio in Las Vegas. Here's your shot at getting in a lot cheaper.
What: No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
When: Sunday May 1st
Time: 7pm EST
Where: Poker Stars
Buy in: $30 + $3
Restrictions: Bloggers only
Password: Same as last week (E-mail Iggy for specifics)
Attire: Uber-casual with pants optional
Participants will not be awarded points towards the WPBT Leaderboard. As you know this will be held the day before the WPBT event at the Aladdin. We have one qualifier already... Bob. Who is going to be next?

Oh, and I will be running a Hilton Sisters Challenge for this event!!

Bloggers of Note

My brother Derek is looking for a new job. He's current an underwriter for a major insurance company on Wall Street. If you are in the insurance industry and/or know of any connections, then please shoot him an email so he can send you his resume. We both appreciate it!

HDouble has another thought provoking post called On Self Affirmation. Take a peek. Don't forget to buy Poker Tracker Guide.

F Train posted a great recap of our Monday Night Razz Nightmare. He compared all of us to castaways on Gilligan's Island. I'm Ginger. Here's a bit:
The Movie Star (Dr. Pauly) -- I have never, ever seen Pauly in such a foul mood. I've seen him drop a few buy-ins at the Blue Parrot and take it with a smile and a shrug, but last night he looked like he had gone a few weeks without partaking of any mind-altering substances, and everyone knows how happy that makes a true junkie. It got so bad that when Ferrari sucked out a two-outer against him in holdem, Pauly flat out lost it and snapped at him a little bit. Not in a ranting, Hellmuthian kind of way, but the Doctor was not his usual bundle of cheery goodness, and it showed.
Yes, he even noticed that I was in rare pissy mood and snapped at Ferrari (who bore the brunt of my ire) when he hit a two outer. This next sentence is for Bob. Razz is like asking your ex-girlfriend's mother to smash your testicles with a sledgehammer.

Congrats to Boy Genius and his latest published article. You can thank me later, dude. I hope this allows you to get some major league poon-tang. You deserve it, pal. Good work. Now get off your ass, Mr. Columnist and send me those short stories for Truckin' that I've been waiting on for weeks!!!

Lastly, I have to help pay for my expensive vices with a cheap plug. Don't forget about the Reload Bonus on Party Poker. If you do not have an account, well what the fuck are you waiting for? Your favorite bloggers play there, so you should too. Use my bonus code TAO4 to get up to $100 free. See you at the tables.

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