Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hump Day Pimp Day: Books, Bloggers, & Satellites

First of all, you have to head over to Party Poker. The Bad Beat Jackpot is over $400,000! Yesterday I played with the Poker Geek, Rod, on_thg, Drizz, and the Donkey Puncher. If you do not have an account... well wait are you waiting for? Don't forget... bonus code: TAO4.

Poker Books

If you play NL tournaments and have not purchased Dan Harrington's book Harrington on Hold'em, then shame on you!

Over the weekend, I managed to find some time in my hungover state to work on my Poker Books Section. Take a peek.


Wil Wheaton is in Vegas playing in the WPT Championships. He was awarded a seat by default. He came in third place and the other two celebs in his episode of Hollyweird Homegame could not make it. So our hero Wil rushed into the fight.

Grubby has a few interesting posts. Man, the dude has been living in Las Vegas man. I wonder what all that casino oxygen does to you?

Flip Chip and the Poker Prof are hard at work covering the $25K Bellagio event. I missed my chance this year at trying to win a seat via satellite on Party Poker. If you're an old reader of this blog, you know that I came pretty close last year to winning a seat. I had a few chances and blew it.

Bad Blood has a few interesting posts about Mini-Blood playing under his name on various online sites.

Riding the F Train has another excellent review of a NYC poker room. I can neither confirm, nor deny that these establishments exist.

By the way... buy Poker Tracker Guide, dammit!

WPBT WSoP Satellite

I hate repeating myself, but...

We only have 40 players signed up for the WPBT WSoP Satellite on Poker Stars for the $1500 NL event on June 3rd. We need at least several more players. Why haven't you signed up yet?
What: No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
When: Sunday April 24th
Time: 7pm EST
Where: Poker Stars
Buy in: $30 + $3
Restrictions: Bloggers only
Password: E-mail Iggy for specifics
Attire: Uber-casual with pants optional
Participants will not be awarded points towards the WPBT Leaderboard. See ya on Poker Stars.

Editor's Note: Make sure you read Otis' FAQ.

Personal Pimage

Lastly, let's pimp a few of my articles that were recently published.
1. Gaining the Edge in Online Poker (Poker Player Newspaper)
2. Johnny Moss (
3. Poker Hall of Fame (
4. Poker Tournaments and TV Coverage (
5. Party Poker Review (Poker Magazine)
I didn't get to pick the title on 4th one. I'm still busy building the player profile archives at When I move to Las Vegas, the content of my contribution to will shift. I will be writing a weekly column providing updates containing World Series coverage over there (a different copy and seperate from what I submit to the Poker Prof and Poker Player Newspaper) in addition to posting an interview or two. Looking forward to this opportunity!

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to sign up for the blogger tourney over at Poker Stars.

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