Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hump Day Pimp Day: Publicity, Cool Stuff, Chemo, and Other Lurid Tales

First of all, stop off at the WPBT Store. All proceeds go to Maudie's retirement fund. Make sure you buy the Halverson Memorial Thong. Now, if Maudie added a bong section... I'd be all over that.

Help out with Felicia's Chemo Kit. Speaking of which, Bill Rini is one fuckin' funny guy.

Buy Poker Tracker Guide. I did and after I fleeced the fish on Party Poker, I can now afford a big yacht that automatically comes with a concubine of nubile, syphilis-free, bleach-blonde babes. Now if I can just get PTG to cure my pattern baldness...

Check out BG and Al Cant Hang's email exchange.

Go read Grubby's infamous Stripper post... right away! Here's a bit:
The dance was more lapsliding than lapdancing. Giving a blog brother some privacy, I tried concentrating on the stage, which had a neon pole and two ornate staircases that could be out of a Noel Coward play. A topless Private Lives, perhaps.

After Julie slinked off, half bra on/half bra off, Pauly turned to me and said, "That was the single worst lapdance I've ever had."

He said she was so drunk she kept falling and he had to catch her a couple times. I wondered what kind of workman's comp strippers could get for falling off the pole.
Part 2 of my thrilling series, Existentialist Converstions with Strippers, will be posted on Monday. You can read Part 1... here.

Go see one of Ugarte's stand up comedy gigs. He's actually funny. No, really... he is.

Congrats to Double As who qualified for the WPT Aruba. Kick ass man.

Go read Otis' Top 10 Reasons to go to Vegas this June.

Derek is on fire. He won my March Madness Pool and this past weekend he took 13th in one of those 1500+ person Speed Tourneys on Party Poker. Two weeks ago he placed 3rd in a Speed Tourney. Stop by his blog and tell him to post more.

As you know, Toby from The Nut Heart Flush has written a poker book: The Bad Ass Girl's Guide to Poker. Buy her book today.

How about I pimp a new poker blog? Check out: Poker Gimp. Yes, bring out the Gimp! He's a part of the Irish Wave of poker bloggers. (I just made up that term.) Best of luck, dude.

Personal Publicity

I got some ink Monday on two different sites. Ever since I got back from Vegas and told everyone the good news about my new gig covering the World Series of Poker for there's been a huge spike in traffic to all my blogs. I'm also getting random mentionings on other blogs and websites.

Example #1. Check out Jen Leo posted a nice write up about me and my poker blog. Here's a bit:
The Tao of Poker chronicles the avid poker adventures of... a New York writer who's been playing poker half his life. The posts, often prolific, are always entertaining -- Las Vegas trip reports, accounts from the Blue Parrot home games at Rick's Cafe, stats and spittle from his online play at Party Poker, commentary on all things poker that crosses his desk, and most hilarious-his fascination with the Hilton sisters and strippers.
Stats and spittle? Heh. Strippers and Hilton Sisters and poker. I do lead the good life. Jen is covering the World Series as well for so I'm sure we'll cross paths. I'll let her buy me a beer or twelve and we'll add it to her expense account.

Example #2. Yesterday, I was also mentioned in an article about pokerblog on Amy Calistri gave me a shout out in her piece called The Bloggers Code: Incest is best . Here's a peek:
So to hold up my end of the blogger's code, over the course of my entries, I will be paying homage to some of the other bloggers out there that feed my need to read. You will meet some of the poker blogging household names like Iggy, Pauly, pokerprof, flipchipro, Al Can't Hang, Hank.... We’ll learn about the World Poker Bloggers Tour.
Finally, we got some ink on Al Can't Hang was shocked he was mentioned. If BG is the "Bobby Flay" of poker bloggers, then without a doubt, Al is the "Ozzy" of poker bloggers. (And yes, I am securing a copyright to that new nickname.) I guess that makes EvaCanHang the Sharon Osbourne of poker blogger wives.

Anyway, I always get a little giddy when I see myself blogged on other sites. I think my new gig has created some buzz out there in bloggerdom. Pretty cool, eh? Now all I have to do is show up in Vegas and not fuck up. As long as Otis doesn't bring the ether...

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