Thursday, April 21, 2005

Poker Update and Reader Mail: Full Fish with Royal, Concerned Girlfriends, Sopranos Pool, and Card Club Archives

Over the weekend I played on Full Fish. I randomly picked a $3/6 table and Royal happened to be playing there. The next night, he found my table and witnessed one of those random meetings that I used to have with readers of my poker blog when I used to play under my real name on Party Poker.
Yankeeken: you the blogger pauly?
DrPauly: ive been outed
DrPauly: yeah
Yankeeken: not much of a disguise
Later on in the session, I won a big hand and one of my railbirds chimed in.
Joanne1111 (Observer): nh
DrPauly: ty
Ace10: gotta a fan club?
DrPauly: sometimes
Ace10: I guess you do.
Joanne1111 (Observer): I'm not a fan, I just use him for phone sex
Ace10: me fan club is limited to my wife telling me to stop playing on the computer
DrPauly: LOL dude thats hilarious
Seriously, that guy rocked. Anyway, it's always a pleasure to play with Royal and meet readers at the tables. I also played at a random blogger table too over this weekend on Party Poker with a slew of bloggers... Darice, Drizz, Poker Geek, Maudie, Joanne, Rod, and Sir Waffle. Man, that's getting me all pumped up for Vegas.

I wish I could brag about kicking ass like I had been the last several weeks padding my bankroll. Alas, I'm playing more and more like Fredo Corleone everyday.

"But Mikey, I'm smart!"

On Party Poker, I'm in the middle of a huge slump and bleeding away chunks of my bankroll everyday. Four losing days in a row. Ouch. I'll write about that in a future post.

Moving on... how about the next edition of Reader Mail?

***** ******

Are you taking bets on who gets killed on The Sopranos this year?

Joaquin, New York City

Yo Joaquin,

Now there's an idea! Maybe I'll let BG take charge of that pool since he's more of the proper ethnic background to be running this racket. Shit, but then again, the last two Popes have been Polish and German, so maybe I should take charge.
Paulie Walnuts 5-1
Chris 6-1
Janice 8-1
Tony 10-1
What do you think about the opening lines for the next cast member to be whacked? I'd actually like to take bets on the next cast member of The OC to get knocked up!
Julie Cooper 3-1
Marisa 7-2
Kirsten 6-1
Summer 8-1
Thanks for reading,

***** *****
Hey Pauly,

How can I listen to old episodes of Card Club Radio?

Vikram, Hong Kong
Hey Vikram,

You should head over to They are hosting the archives for Sean and have all the previous shows up there ready to be downloaded. Definitely check those out. I'll be appearing on several future episodes. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading and good luck at the table,

***** *****
Dear Dr. Pauly,

My boyfriend seems to be playing more attention to online poker than to me. At first I thought he was cheating on me because he would stay up all night and not come to bed. I assumed he was chatting with another girl. He would be very tired all day and a lot of our together time was cut short because he was too tired. When I confronted him he denied everything. I love him dearly. I believed him and figured he was surfing for porn because he used to have a bad addiction to S&M and other bondage sites when I first met him. Actually that's how we met. I used to be a professional dominatrix here in Maryland. Sorry that we got sidetracked....

I found out that he wasn't addicted to porn again. Instead he plays poker online seven or eight hours a night. He told me he's won money and even paid off all of my credit card bills. My girlfriends think that it's dangerous to play online because it's illegal. I'm worried because he has an addictive personality. I also miss him! Hope you can offer me advice. Thanks,

Faye, Baltimore, MD
Dear Faye,

My advice to you is this....

1. Stop being such a selfish tart.
2 You were initially concerned that he was cheating on you. He was not.
3. You were then concerned that your boyfriend was getting sexual fulfillment from something other than you. He was not again.
4. He paid your debts.

This guy is not cheating on you and pays your bills. What more can you ask for? If you want attention, get a dog. You don't care about your boyfriend's health and you don't give a rat's ass whether online poker is legal or not. Quit the bullshit next time and get to the point.

Thanks for reading,

***** *****

That's it for now. Sorry, but there's nothing from Timmy this week. Supposedly, he was grounded by his parental units and hasn't had the time to write me any interesting emails. Maybe next edition. However, here's a pic that he sent me of his latest hijinks. That's one wild kid!

Have a good day. Party Poker's Jackpot is now at.... $485,000 or 25,000 bottles of Southern Comfort!

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