Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bloggers at the WSoP and The Hammer!

Iggy announced a new tournament, a WPBT WSoP Satellite for the $1500 NL event, which will take place on June 3rd at the Rio in Las Vegas. I could buy-in directly to the event but here's my shot at getting in a lot cheaper.
What: No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
When: Sunday April 24th
Time: 7pm EST
Where: Poker Stars
Buy in: $30 + $3
Restrictions: Bloggers only
Password: E-mail Iggy for specifics
Attire: Uber-casual with pants optional
Participants will not be awarded points towards the WPBT Leaderboard. There might be a second tournament if there is enough interest. I hope we can get 75 bloggers for this!

In other news...

AlCantHang placed in an Omaha 8 MTT on Poker Stars. I'm very impressed with his exploits. I sweated Felicia too for a while in two different MTTs on Saturday.

Sunday night, BG took 5th in a Party Poker free roll. The Bobby Flay of poker bloggers finally made a final table in a huge MTT. Good work, dude. Not too bad for a "nickel and dimer."

Also on Sunday, Joanne outlasted exactly 3737 people in 2 different MTT on Poker Stars to make the money and only have $3.19 to show for it! Good grief. Still, she gets props for grinding away on both, back to back.

-EV has his AC trip report posted. Excellent write up.

The Poker Geek has a two parter posted. Chris and Andy's Bogus Journey - Part 2 is up and make sure you read Part I.

I hate to point out this post (actually AlCantHang told me about it) but stop by 50 Outs and tell Jan to "hang in there." He had a rough Vegas trip. If you have a weak stomach, then avoid reading his post. I admire the courage it took not only to write, but to also publish that trip report. I've watched Jan play on Party Poker and he's one amazing player. He'll turn it around before the World Series of Poker. He already won a seat to the WSoP via Poker Stars if you didn't know. I hope to be interviewing him (and his wife Katja) at the final table of one of the WSoP events. Anyway, stay focused and play like the excellent player that you are, Jan, and things will work out.

Click to enlarge. Note: Look at Iggy's stack!

I forgot to tell ya that I dropped the Hammer and won with a full boat at a blogger table from this past weekend on Empire. Since it was at a micro limit table... the feat, in my mind, is bigger than at a NL table where you can raise a lot more preflop!

I'm about 110 hands away from clearing my bonus on Empire Poker. I was up over $320, but dropped $100 this morning. Let's hope I can clear it sometime today and walk away with a profit!

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