Monday, April 04, 2005

Ivey Fleeces Fish for $22,000

I just saw Phil Ivey smoke some dude on Full Tilt at the $25/50 NL tables. They played heads up for under an hour. The brave soul named PayStation had $22,000 when I began watching his table. Inside of a half hour, Phil was up 6 to 7 grand. Then it got ugly. One new guy with a little over $1000 sat down to make the game three-handed. He posted the big blind. Phil Ivey, on the button, raised to $150. PayStation in the LB raised to $500. The new guy folded and Phil called. Paystation had pocket Tens. Phil Ivey had Q7o. The flop had a Queen. On the turn a seven hit giving Ivey two pair. PayStation checked, Ivey bet $2,500, and the guy check-raised all in! Ivey quickly called and took down the $22,000+ pot! Unreal. That was the biggest pot I ever saw anyone drag online. Most Americans don't even make that much money in a single year, and Ivey won it on a single hand. I felt bad for PayStation. Talk about bad beats. $22,000 losing to Q7o. That's the type of beat that set you on tilt the rest of your life.

OK, I had to share that quick story with you. Later today, I'll be posting Part I to my series: Existentialist Conversations with Strippers. Stay tuned.

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