Saturday, December 11, 2004

Vegas Day 1 Mini Update: Do Bloggers Sleep in Vegas?

Greetings from Sin City. After just three hours of sleep, I am happy to report I am alive, well, and that we have no causalties, well at least any I can write about.. Daddy from Snail Trax was the first blogger to arrive in Vegas late Thursday night. Early Friday morning he was the first blogger to puke. Derek and I saw John McCain at the airport. As the cab dropped us off at The Excalibur, Al Cant Hang, Mrs. Hang and half of his soused entourage were rolling up in their rental. Met up with Daddy, Boy Genius, and Daddy at the Sports Book just before noon. Then we were off for poker. Slowly one by one, bloggers appeared. Otis and Bad Blood were playing in the Noon freezeout at the Luxor. Bad Blood made the final table and made the money in the tourney. Otis is the man. He had cool business cards made up. Felicia and Glenn appeared as did Mas, the Genus of Poker. At one point, at my table were... Derek, The Hangs, BG, Bob, Daddy, Otis, and Mas. Notable hands... my 55 cracked Daddy's JJ when I flopped a set. Pretty soon, Felicia got the manager to spread an Omaha hi/lo game! I skipped out because I hate Omaha hi/lo and wanted to rpeserve my bnkroll. Before we knew it, Maudie arrived and was seated to my right! Wow... some of my favorite bloggers in the flesh, in Las Vegas... that was a little overwhelming at times, and I kept saying to myself, I can't believe everyone is really showing up. A very tall CJ was next and before long he was dropping the Hammer at his table! Bill Rini stopped by and after a quick dinner break (and I was up $9 at that point) we headed back to the tables. Since it was rodeo week, I was sitting at a table with Maudie and several loose, drunk cowboys! Two guys from Utah were cracking me up all night. I tolded everyone that Maudie was my Aunt and she kept beating one cowboy in particular. "New York, you're aunt scares me," he admitted. Lol! Of course all my monster hands were badbeated... KK, QQ, AKs... all cracked by crapola. Ferrari and Julie arrived just around Midnight. Hdouble wandered in... and of course we both knew what we looked like, so I spotted him right away. At this point, GRUBBY was AWOL. Both Hdouble and myself didn't have his cell phone number handy... so we had to pray and assume he was knocing back cocktails, playing blackjack somewhere. Oh man. Grubby, where are you? G-Rob finally got in after Midnight and I met some weird looking... very short fellow who told me that he actually read my blog. Wow. Meeting a fan in Las Vegas. I hope he used my bonus code... TAO4. Had a late night drink with a few bloggers... and went back to my room for some hang time with BG, HDouble, and Daddy where we rapped about all things poker. We tried to wake up Al Cant Hang who passed out before Midnight!! The lightweight! I evetually crashed at 5am, and begged the operator for a 8:15am wakeup call. So here I am. I still have my kidneys. My bankroll is only $30 thinner. I've hung out with 7 (ok 7 1/2) bloggers I never met before. Have I mentioned how it's surreal to kinda know someone from their blog, and feel like you know them intimately, and then meet them in real life? OK, just a quick update before I head off to Sam's Town. Hope to meet everyone else later today. Including Grubby. We can't officially file a missing person's report on slots-addicted, Wendy's eating poker bloggers.

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