Sunday, December 26, 2004

Purgatory and Pauly's Pub

I added a couple of new poker blogs and I created a special category for languishing sites called Blog Purgatory. No offense to any of the authors, but your links have been taking up space on my blogroll. If you start posting regularly again, then I'll bump you back up. If you have a problem with my method... oh well. Perhaps this will be incentive for you to post frequently and have more poker content on your sites. Some of my favorite bloggers are listed in that group so I am not playing favorites. I had to do something because the blogroll was getting messy. I will be doing the same on my main blog later this week. By the way... Lord Geznikor, where have you gone? I miss ya!

Pauly's Pub Update

Week 15 Standings

It coming down to the last two weeks for the fourth annual Pauly's Pub Football Pool. The Top 4 places payout. We had 25 participants this season. Jerry has a slim lead over Brad and Coach. The biggest shocker of the pool has been the late season run by Haley and Jenna's team Twinkle & Turquoise. Visit Pauly's Pub for complete updates.
Total Prize Pool ($250)
1st Place: $125
2nd Place: $65
3rd Place: $40
4th Place: $20
Best of luck. Thanks to everyone for participating.


I'm feeling a lot better now healthwise and I will be completing my Vegas trip reports starting Monday. Stay tuned. Derek has posted a new rip report. Check it out.

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