Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Monday Night Blogger Party

The last few nights I have been playing at various blogger/reader tables with some old and new faces on Party Poker. I've sat with Hank987, Iggy, Maudie, Jason from Catching the Antichrist, The Fat Guy, -EV, SirFWalgman, Glyphic, Slayre, Helixx, Pokeratta, Ankorahil, Mourn from BadBeatBlog, Daddy, Pokeramarama, Drizztdj, John-Paul, Felicia, Poker It's Life, Fhwrdh, U Wanna Bet, and of course Bad Blood. I'm sure I'm missing a few folks in there. I was sweating Bob, Derek, and Boy Genius and due to some fucked up rule that I logged onto my account using the same IP address, I am unable to play with those guys.

Last night, I got torched playing $50 SNGs (9,5,5,4,1) before I played NL with Drizztdj and John-Paul. I hung out with Chris Halverson and Maudie at a limit table while Halverson worked off his reload bonus. I was up 13 BB in about twenty minutes and I never play limit online! I had not played with Chris in a while and I loosened up his table with an early hammer bluff. Here's what he had to say:
Pauly, Maudie and I chit chat a bit (in general terms, didn't really let on that we knew each other) and I experienced what I call "The Pauly Effect". Every time I've played with him, Pauly is able to loosen up the table. Maybe it's because he's slumming at my lower level, but whatever the case, he gets the table loosened up a bit and bets are flying. No need to worry if a hand will be raked or not now.
Late night, -EV got a private micro-limit Omaha 8 table going and I won a few hands early, then bailed to go write trip reports.

I also ran into a faithful reader of the Tao of Poker who had been searching for the infamous blogger table. We invited him to the Omaha 8 table. I know that alot of you do not know my Party Poker screen name... which is a good thing. RealBlood, a loyal reader from Canada, mentioned in the chat that he read blogs all the time. I quizzed him to find out which one's he liked. He admitted, "Iggy, Felicia, Poker Babe's, and Tao of Poker."

Glyphic was quick to point out, "Dr., I think you have a fan."

It's always cool to meet a reader who likes my stuff. Humbling, flattering, and inspiring... all in the same instance. Thanks for reading, RealBlood! See you at the tables in the future. I also think I freaked out a couple of new bloggers who were playing at my tables the last few days and had no idea who I was... until I told them. I hope they weren't intimidated.

I also lurked in the background and watched my favorite baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman run over his table. When I left he was up 15BB and I almost considered sitting down. Maybe later this week, Aaron.

By the way, I am going to be at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut this Wednesday afternoon and evening. Look for me. I'll be wearing a faded green Mirage cap.

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