Saturday, December 11, 2004

Felicia Rules!

Congrats to Felicia who won the Holiday Classic at Sam's Town. She outlasted pro Max Pescatori to win the first live event at Sam's Town. The surprise of the afternoon was Julie from the Blue Parrot. In her first ever NL tournament, she came in third place and held her own when it was a three way match with Felicia and Max. I came in 6th place. I'm a fuckin' buble boy. Julie knocked me out. She beat me two hands in a row. It was ugly. Anyway, when I made the final table, I was the chip leader, a little ahead of Max Pescatori. I lost a coin flip against Julie... my 66 vs her KQo which cost me dearly. Other highlights included knocking out Otis with my JJ vs his AKs. I also KO'd Mas and of course when Al Cant Hang put out a big raise UTG with ATo... I moved all in with AA. He called and I doubled up against Mr. Hang... and that propelled me to a huge lead. Top 5 made the money.
The (unoffical) standings:
1. Felicia
2. Max Pescatori **Professional
3. Julie from the Blue Parrot
4. Foiled Coup
5. Glenn

6. Pauly
7. HDouble
8. Martin
9. BG
10. Al Cant Hang

11. Mas
12. Otis
13. Ferrari
14. Maudie
15. Bob
16. -EV
17. Derek
18. Mrs. Cant Hang
19. G Rob
20. Charlie Shoten **Professional
21. Poker Prof
22. Brian
23. CJ
24. Bad Blood
25. Grubby (AKs lost to Charlie's 99)
26. Linda from Poker Works (66 lost to AQ)
27. F Train (KQ lodt to Mrs. Hang's 77)
28. Daddy (KJ lost to Charlie's KQ)
29. Flip Chip (AA lost to Mas' AJs)
30. Bill Rini
Congrats to Bill won won the booby prize... a copy of Gigli. Felicia won the cowboy hat, courtesy of Joaquin. There were plenty of other bounties but I don't know all of them right now. Maudie's shirts were awesome. Check n Raise send us cool jackets and All N Poker had shirts for the final table.

The breakfast was awesome. Thanks to Dick and The Poker Prof for all their work. Ron Rose, Marcel, Luske, Evelyn Ng, Max Pescatori, Charlie Shoten, and Tom McEvoy were all there. Charlie and Tom spoke for a bit.

One random thought...I asked Linda from Poker Works to show me her tattoos.

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