Friday, December 03, 2004

Poker Humor

It's Friday. One week to Vegas. And I know the holidays are kinda stressful and poker sometimes drives you a little crazy so here's a little light poker reading for you while you eagerly await the weekend to begin. By the way, are you still dreaming about flops? Thinking about implied odds of catching the subway if you run fast enough as the doors are starting to close? Trying to figure out tells on your spouse or girlfriend over dinner? Then you need to relax and stop playing Party Poker for a night.

Just out of curiosity... using random pop culture references, I'm trying to compile a pyschological background on my fellow poker bloggers, especially those of you heading to Vegas. If you could, please let me know your answers so they can be scrutinized by my crack team of head shrinkers.
1. Which Seinfeld character best describes you?
2. Which Simpsons character most represents your style of poker?
3. Which Old School character are you most like in real life? Beanie, Mitch, or Frank the Tank?
4. Are you more like Ferris Bueller or Cameron Frye?
5. Which Brady Bunch kid are you?
I guess you want my answers. Kramer. Otto. Mitch. Ferris. And Jan. On some gloomy mornings you can hear me wandering around in circles, twitching while screaming, "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!"

Blogger Tables

Anyway I played with a uber drunk Iggy last night. He was going to work on his blog and instead he decided to sit down with me. He told me it's more fun! It's been like clockwork the last few nights. I log onto Party Poker around 11pm, sit down at a NL table, and within minutes Iggy shows up. An hour later we have a few railbirds and bloggers joining the table. Last night it was AlCantStaySober and Maudie. That's when things got a little crazy. I was on tilt pushing JJ all in against AA. I also pushed AKs all in preflop against AA. I chopped one pot and lost my shirt on the other. Then Maudie dropped the hammer and cracked Big Slick when she flopped a boat after raising preflop! That was awesome.

By the way, I found some pictures of Al Cant Hang's very first poker game when he was a toddler (before the beard and long hair). Somethings never change. I think that's a young Lewey passed out at the table.

"Whaddya mean you're out of SoCo?"

Female of the Year

Please vote for Elsiha Cuthbert since I nominated her for a contest that a friend of mine in Norway is running on his blog. Last year I nominated Katie Holmes and she lost to Angelina Jolie. Oh well. This year, I'm hoping to steal this election like Papa Kennedy in 1960 and Papa Bush in 00 and 04. And I need all my fellow bloggers and readers to vote for her as many time as possible. Vote early. Vote often. It don't matter if you live in a blue or red state, just vote for Elisha.

Please vote for me!

Have a great weekend everyone. See you at the tables tonight (if I can sneak out of my AA meeting without anyone seeing me.)

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