Monday, December 13, 2004

Jesus, Bad Blood and the Bellagio

A quick update... I apologize for the crappy tourney report full of spelling and grammatical errors. I'll post a kick ass one when I get back to the big city. Saturday night at the Excalibur, I played at a table with Iggy, HDouble and Derek. That was cool. When Maudie left Vegas she was crushing a $1-3 table at her last session. Before I crashed, I found Grubby hitting the slots with Mrs. Cant Hang. We woke up late and I was doing shots of SoCo with Al Cant Hang by 10:06am PCT at the sports book in Mandalay Bay. BG gave me a suggestion on a horse that got scratched. I got a tip from Iggy and bet on the Bengals... thank God for that fake punt. Derek, GRob, and I all had money on the Bengals. We were all knocking back drinks for the duration of the games. I saw Bad Blood drop the hammer! He caught his two pair on the river. Amazing. Nothing has been better than the buzz in between tables when you find out so-and-so dropped the hammer at the table. CJ and the Poker Prof had a great meeting with the folks over at the Aladdin... a possible spot for a future WPBT event. With both BG and Grubby sweating me on one of my tables at the Excalibur, I dropped The Hammer! Flop: AxJ... River was another ace. After raising preflop, I was leading out in betting all the way. Lucky for me he folded on the river. I flipped over y cards and declared, "The Hammer!" A few folks were pissed. One woman was like, "You raised preflop with 27o? That's the worst hand in poker?" In my smart ass (and very drunk) New Yorker sarcastic retort, I muttered something like, "Worst hand? Really?" Saw -EV and his girfriend in the poker room. Wish I got to play with him. Late night, I found myself at the Bellagio at 2am having a drink at the bar next to the poker room with Julie. On our way in, we saw Jesus. I shook his hand. I also saw Freddy Deeb. He was smoking a ciggarette near us. I also pointed out the infamous Bellagio hookers to Julie. We caught one lady of the night in action as she went in for the kill against one old guy at the bar. Oh, and out of nowhere, Bad Blood appeared! He was playing $4-8 and told me he saw a slew of famous poker players in the room. Back at the Excalibur, around 3:04am there was an Otis sighting on the Pai Gow tables. Check out Bill Rini's blog for a good write up.

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