Friday, December 17, 2004

More Vegas Numbers...

Total Trip Combined Winnings by Bloggers: -1100
Poker: +400
Sports Book: +330
Prop Bets: +30
Keno: -5
Horse Racing: -70
Pai Gow: -85
Slots: -485
Craps: -500
Black Jack: -825

I polled 17 bloggers... to figure put approximate wins and losses. Al Cant Hang suggested that we consumed roughly $1000 in alcohol a day. 86.7% of that was by Al Cant Hang and Big Mike. One anonymous blogger dropped over $1500. It's obvious that as a group we're doing OK in poker and at the sports book. We get our asses kicked in -EV games like slots, blackjack and craps. Stay away from those tables! And make sure you don't place a bet when The Cooler is lurking.

Someone asked me how I did for the trip. Well, I won enough to cover my airfare and hotel from NYC and a couple of Christmas presents. So now, I'm even. Spending my winnings once again instead of building my bankroll. Over the weekend, I missed making the money in two tournaments by four places in total... bubbled in the blogger tourney and came in 11/60 in another. A cash in any of those would have added to my winnings.

Female of the Year

Please vote for me!

Please vote for Elsiha Cuthbert since I nominated her for a contest that my friend Sigge from Norway is running on his blog. Last year I nominated Katie Holmes and she lost to Angelina Jolie. Oh well. This year, I'm hoping to steal this election like Papa Kennedy in 1960 and Papa Bush in 00 and 04. And I need all my fellow bloggers and readers to vote for her as many time as possible. Vote early. Vote often. It don't matter if you live in a blue or red state, just vote for Elisha.

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