Thursday, January 15, 2004

WPT: Championship at the Bellagio

I got to watch most of this tourney tonight. I was flipping back and forth between several other events... 1. the Knicks-Magic game, 2. UNC-Maryland game, 3. The O.C., and 4. WPT Championship!

The buy-in was $25,000 and the final table included: Doyle Brunson, Kirill Gerasimon, Phil Ivey and Alan Goehring (the eventual winner). It was great to see Texas Dolly make the final table and sit next to Phil Ivey. It would have been like watching Jack Nickalus play a round with Tiger Woods (Sorry Phil for the gajillionth Tiger comparison). Anyway, the Ruskie kid Kirill bluffed at several pots and I was wondering if he would get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

A new found fan of the Tao of Poker... Poker Babe from NYC wrote me this tonight: "I am watching the WPT Championship game and they just showed this amazing hand between the 2 last players. Alan had KK and Kiril had A4... the flop was 77J and then the turn was a 7 and the river a 7 so Alan G. went from having cowboys to a full house and then he lost on the river to 4 of a kind with an ace kicker. It's crazy how your luck can change so quickly."

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