Saturday, January 31, 2004

Poker Gone WILD!

Check out this good read: Poker Gone Wild from the Sacramento Bee. Here's a bit:
Steve Lipscomb remembers the reactions of TV executives when he first pitched the idea of a globe-trotting, prime-time show devoted to poker. "They laughed me out of their offices," recalled the man who invented the World Poker Tour. Look who's laughing now.

Poker is television's hot new game, with network executives scrambling for a piece of the pot. On Sunday, NBC will put poker up against the Super Bowl's pre-game hoopla. ESPN continues to cash in on the World Series of Poker and instant celebrities such as champion Chris Moneymaker. Fox Sports plans a Saturday Night Poker League, hoping to make it the next 'Monday Night Football'..."

The last bit about a Saturday Night Poker is very interesting. Wow, the SPL would be as popular as MNF in America and Friday Night hockey night in Canada!

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