Friday, January 30, 2004

More Poker Blogs...

I'm slowly reading the newer blogs out there. Some good stuff. Here's a few I recently checked out and linked up.

1. Tight Pocket... thanks for the link up! Here's what he has to say about his site: "Whether it is fantasy sports, general sports betting, casino gambling, death pools, stupid generic bets between friends, it doesn't matter. If you can put odds on it, and I bet Vegas has, I can post it."

2. Rhymes with Joker or Lord Gezniko. Here's how he explains his blog: "I intend this blog to be a sort of running tally of how I've done at various forms of poker, what I've learned, and any other thing that strikes my fancy."

3. OJ's Poker Blog... a player from Southern California.

4. Paul's Burbon... besides sharing the same first name, Paul's been around a while blogging about poker!

5. Poker Babes is diary that I stumbled upon. Here's what she wrote on her site: "I work as a prop player at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles (come say hello) and have been playing poker tournaments seriously since Spring 2002." Some interesting stuff.

6. Rants of a Young Mind is a poker blogger from Cincinnati and a Xavier graduate. His blog will include: "gambling, sports of all sorts, local politics, television shows, and some video games."

7. Lion Tales is a blog from Richard Brodie, who learned how to play poker from Bill Gates.

Looks like I got 36 poker blogs linked up. If I don't have you linked yet... please drop me a line so I visit your site.

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