Sunday, January 18, 2004

World Series of Iggy

Just read about Iggy's No Limit Tourney which he set up, ran, and played in this wekeend. Whew! Too bad he came in seventh out of 51 (his tourney paid out six places with $1100 going to the first place winner!) Sounds like a great time. I think we should all take up a collection and send Iggy to the 2004 WSoP as the Blogger Representatve.

Here are some highlights of his latest entry:

"51 players showed up for my first 'real' non home game no-limit tournament. I was expecting and hoping for about 30... $50 entry fee with all money redistributed in prize money. I rented the space because I thought it would be fun as hell to run a local no-limit tournament. And it was."

Talk about high end organizational skills!! Here's my favorite part:

"We also had guys named Tex, Dino and Gino. There were a couple of guys who looked a tad bit shady... I have some BIG friends. Non vegan types. So the built-in security was another bonus. The best decision I made was creating this as a no-drinking tournament... it was a sober game. Removing alcohol from the equation was a smart move. I can't believe I just typed that and meant it."

But Iggy's not done. he's mulling another huge tourney! I might have to drive out to Ohio to sit in on the next game!

"Now I'm entertaining thoughts of a 200 person NL tourney. I have 8,000 square feet of space at my disposal. 20 tables, 200 chairs, 2,000,000 in chips - how hard could it be?"

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