Saturday, January 31, 2004

Hellmuthian Behavior? Did I just make that word up?

I just wrote a comment to Mene Gene's Poker Blog and I used the word Hellmuthian to describe a Phil Hellmuth action. Here's what I wrote in his comments:
Re: Phil Hellmuth Showing Up Late at Tourneys... well as much as I frown upon Hellmuthian behavior at the tables... it's a strategy that he employs that is sound... how many times do you get into a tourney and say "Play tight early, just don't be the first one knocked out..." In some ways, his lateness prevents him from being too eager to play something too early. As disciplined as I am (yeah right) it's so tough to muck a good starting hand early ina tourney... when all the experts suggest that I should do so... alas, he's a tool if he's doing that to be cool, but should be applauded if that keeps him from playing too many hands early. I can't believe I just defended Phil!!

Alas, Mene Gene talked about Phil showing up late at every tournament. He read a British article which Iggy posted called: Laying his cards on the table... Self confessed 'Poker Brat' Phil Hellmuth tells Stuart Foster how to Play Poker like the Pros. And of course this is my favorite part:
And of course (as if things were not hectic enough) there has even been a film optioned on the first half of his life, currently titled The Madison Kid. "Whoever plays me is probably going to be someone young. I was talking with Ben [Affleck] recently and I was joking with him about it, but he's like 35. DiCaprio might be someone who could play me." Hellmuth recognises that he has had an eventful life. "The reality of it is that I've sold my life rights until I'm 25. I don't know if anyone in history has sold their life rights twice, but I'll be in a position to do that - you see, I think my life has been much more interesting the last 15 years."

Man, is Phil fuckin' cocky or what? Leo? Ben? Is Brad Pitt available? I wonder if Phil will option my version of the story of his life?

If my life were to be made into a movie, who would I pick to play Pauly? Alas, most of my friends insist that John Cusack reminds them of me! Think of High Fidelity, one of my favorite flicks. And I also like this guy: Kevin Corrigan, who is a hilarious actor from different indie films (and who's not that musician guy). He makes me laugh.

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