Sunday, January 11, 2004

Jerry's Thoughts on Celebrity Poker

Jerry sent me these observations in an e-mail: "I did see Celebrity Poker Showdown last night and both Paul Rudd and Ron Livingstone knew how to play the game - but Paul just kept getting the best cards - I have never seen such a strong string of cards - his bad hands were K-10o. But it was fun to watch - I think they all knew how to play and Coolio just wanted to BE THE MAN - which you can't just do in poker. I think Shannon Elizabeth is a dud - besides the hottest body... she is a lame-O. I like the other girl Sara Silverman - she was funny - although she dumped the top hand that one time that would have really brought her back into the game - whatever."

Thanks Jerry for sharing. That might have been one of the only episodes of Celebrity Poker Showdown that I could watch and not go crazy without hurling outrageous insults and/or small objects at the TV. I caught the last episode, the one with Princess Leia, Mimi Rogers (Ahem... the former Mrs. Tom Cruise #1), and everyone's favorite whacked out Canadian... Tom Green. That was awful to watch. I would have gone insane if I had to play at that table.

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