Sunday, January 18, 2004

More New Poker Blogs

I finally had the chance to check out some new blogs out there and I added them to the roster...

1. Royal Poker is a poker player (a friend of Iggy) with a brand new daughter! Read about his tales of poker and fatherhood! This is what his site's tagline reads: "Discussions in Poker, family, and life --- working to make them all fit."

2. A Middle-Aged Man in Moderate Distress is a great blog. Here's what Chip says: "Join an American male on his odyssey through life, marriage, and new fatherhood at forty. Warning! Rough language, and some gambling content. Should be 18 or older to view."

3. Openers: A Poker Blog is run by Ed. He admits: "I'm interested in the game, both its practice and its theory, and there are some questions we could ask. One that leaps to mind is whether a political liberal, a softie as it were, can even be a good player. Poker after all is intensely capitalistic (to paraphrase Jack Lemmon [I think], "Poker is all the terrible things that made America great"); and it is a capitalism that thrives at it utmost when it's unregulated (pot-limit, and even more so no-limit). So can a liberal play with anything more than mediocre skill? "

4. Ugarte's Poker Grovel is a site run by 30-something New Yorkers. I have to contact them to see about any loose home games around town. Check out the site.

5. Poker Perspectives is run by Studs in central Florida. Thanks for the link-up!

6. Poker & Devotion... What I'm learning about life as a grinder is run by a female poker dealer. Some good posts on there.

That's it for now. Looks like I have 28 poker blogs linked up (29 if you count mine!) If I missed your blog or if you are a newbie, send me an e-mail, so I can take a peek. See ya, McG

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