Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thursday Morning WSOP Link Dump

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Welcome back to the early morning link dumps. This is a special WSOP Main Event edition, so sit back, roll up a doobie, throw an extra sugar cube into your cup of java and check out some of these items of note....
You gotta love the Girls on the Rail selections thus far. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Peter Eastgate is hanging it up. He no longer wants to be the monkey on the grinder. Can't blame him. He's loaded. (PokerStars Blog)

A Few Calculations is more eloquent commentary from Shamus about the evaporation of dead money. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

My buddy Falstaff has a new poetry book out. Be sure to pick it up! It's also at, so if you haven't bought Lost Vegas yet, then add his book to your order! (

This is the funniest thing I read this summer... Mickey Doft v.s Daniel Negreanu. (Chip Bitch)

Thanks to Otis for saying kind words about Lost Vegas. (Rapid Eye Reality)
That's it... NGTFFOMO.

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